Winter Olympics 2018 – PyeongChang 2018 | Latest trends in Olympics 2018 : you haven’t missed even  a single game of this Olympics, have you? It was really awesome experience watching every single game which was performed like it was the last part of the player’s life. Cut throat competition, […]

Have you ever visited India? India used to be 100% literate in the days of saints, when India was a free nation before the rule of white people. And today we are going to tell you the reasons why India and its people have gone to below poverty level, in […]

In the history of India people were honest and never deceived others for money or greed but now in the time of latest technology dishonesty has become part of everyone’s life. And biggest example is India’s jobless culture, this culture means education system has become so corrupt that money is […]

The Most Dangerous Technology in the World: Latest technology has already been tested by many countries, but what if these new technologies are dangerous enough to destroy entire human generations? Aren’t afraid to see every day launching of sci/tech? Yes, we too but before we find some cure or safety […]

Technology has always been a greater part of our life, and we could not resist the use of latest technology launched every year, every day rather. The best upcoming Technology in the World can give you goosebumps or may thrill your mind, perhaps you might not have thought about something […]

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