What is an electric pat test? Electro-PAT test is a process that is mostly performed by highly experienced electricians to ensure that all devices inside the building are in a safe and practical condition. Many electrical devices and machines can be diagnosed as defective through vision, however, in certain circumstances, […]


How to rent a good electrician? Maintaining the condition of your electricity indoors is very important, at Goodship Electrical we strive to keep you and your family as safe as possible. In our new article, we give you helpful tricks and tips on “How to hire a good electrician?” So, […]

7 Helpful Driving Tips For New Drivers Learning to run a car is an exciting time in a teenager’s life. He or she is about to become a little more independent when driving around the city with a driver’s license. Enjoying the privilege of driving comes with the learning curve. […]

Why is Driver Training So Important? New drivers enter roads every year in thousands. Thousands of new drivers are inexperienced and nervous. Likewise, every year there are thousands of vehicle collisions that result in tragic injuries, deaths, and property damage. The latest figures provided by the Traffic Safety Bureau of […]

How to find a good Psychologist Friends and family are often asked to refer to healers for support on a range of issues. Since I’ve been a therapist for more than twenty years, and I’ve gotten my treatment at various stages of my life, I take these requests very seriously […]

Can light treatments help bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by depressed and elevated mood episodes. It usually starts in the late teens to the early twenties. During depressive episodes, people experience low moods, loss of self-confidence, despair, poor sleep, and appetite. Manic episodes are characterized by […]

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