Separation anxiety disorder In Shakespeare’s above quote, Juliet declares her love for Romeo and cannot wait until tomorrow when they meet again. Children with a separation anxiety disorder are also unable and unwilling to go to bed for fear of getting away from their parents. However, the reasons for not […]

Teaching The Noble Quran To Children Teaching the Quran to children is one of our primary responsibilities as Muslims. For the religious education of our young children, we need to provide them with the quality education they deserve. is the place where your children can learn the Quran with […]

Enter Stradivarius and enjoy it with all the jackets that are trendy: the leather jacket, the check blazer, the lifelong raincoat, the thin double-breasted coat …  And the enjoyment was formed! Stradivarius Shopping Jacket for less Trends Autumn – Winter Shopping Being in mid-October only means one thing, it is […]

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