These days many of us are struggling with the fear of being infected with the coronavirus pandemic. Everywhere we suspect that there will be some type of contamination happening, even in the usual household things. Every minor cough, runny nose signs, or sore throat makes you suspect: do I need […]


The smell is a social phenomenon. The convincing power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into our soul, it fills us up and imbues us. Olfaction has a very strong connection not only for humans but animals also. No one wants to smell bed. Body odor is […]

If you ever dreamed of visiting New York, no matter what country are you from, you may want to go to Manhattan, Queens and, of course, Brooklyn. Yes, Brooklyn doesn’t have all those shopping places or skyscrapers where you can see NYC from great height. But here you can enjoy […]

Online casino software providers are considered the backbone of the gambling industry. The online casino software services played a pivotal role in the popularity and transition of the casino from land-based to online. With the trajectory the online software development has reached, the casino games are arguably the best in […]

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