Celebrities Genuine Leather jackets

The leather jacket is one of the basic and essential garments of any male or female wardrobe worth its salt. It is versatile, combined with almost everything and never goes out of style.
You don’t have to be a rebel of the 50s or a punk girl of the 80s, this garment is reinvented season after season and always tops the list of trends.

Discover the wonderful world of Celebrities Genuine Leather jackets: types, looks or how to know which one suits you best. You will become an addict!

A garment with as much history as the leather jacket, has endless varieties, models and proposals that designers launch every year to reinvent and update it. Whatever your style, you will surely find yours among the ten indispensable models for Bekia Moda:

  1. Bomber: in its leather or nylon version it was used by aviators in the early twentieth century, so it is also known as “aviator jacket”. It is characterized because the area of ​​the cuffs and the waist is more tight. It also has in some cases a lining of lamb that is visible on the neck and lapels. Although there are in female version, you know that it is fashionable to steal clothes from your boy, dare!
  2. Perfect or biker jacket: they are the classic “sucks”, initially Celebrities Genuine Leather jackets, large lapels and metal zippers. Today, some maintain a more rocker style but there are also more romantic versions. They are a safe investment because of their timelessness: they are always in fashion.
  3. With fringes: especially this last season, different clothing firms have opted to include fringes in leather jackets. In the purest cow boy style, these jackets have reigned in the street style photos of numerous countries and have become one of the inevitable trends. With extra long fringes for the most daring or short in its most discreet version, they are a bet that we will surely see next season. An ideal time to use them? The festivals!
  4. Mao neck: this type of neck is characterized by lacking lapels, and sometimes it has a small, usually metallic button as a shot on both sides of the cut. They can also be found in the neck-to-box variant, which is very popular in coats and jackets. These models are more formal and delicate.
  5. With texture: some designs are padded or wrinkled to achieve a different effect. We especially like quilts and it seems that many celebrities also. We recommend that you opt for padding with low volume so as not to visually increase your silhouette.
  6. Combined: one of the hits of last fall / winter was the combined jackets and jackets. They are a variant of the classic leather jacket, because they usually keep this material in the sleeves but bet on denim fabric or fabric in the trunk area. There are also models that include hair in this part, achieving a “vest effect”.
  7. With belt: those that mark the waist area with a belt and that are usually longer than the bikers, are ideal for more sophisticated looks or to go to work.
  8. Oversize: Although are not the jackets that best lend themselves to one of the current trends, wear XL clothing, it is true that there are models that simulate the boyfriend style. Perfect if you don’t want to mark a lot or to hide underneath pullovers and not be cold!
  9. Of leatherette: an alternative to genuine leather jackets are those that are made with other materials that perfectly mimic it. It is a good option to fight animal hunting for use in the fashion industry and also our pocket will thank us for its cheaper price.
  10. Of colors: most of the previous models are available in a multitude of shades that renew the classic black. Beige, powdery pink, brown or nude colors are the best options if you want to wear an ultra-feminine leather jacket. Red and vitamin colors are ideal to bring a touch of energy to your most sober looks.
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