Cereal Boxes activities to make Kids Happy

The child truly enjoys and appreciates creating and what better approach to invest some energy and time alongside them than to recycle and craft simultaneously!

Cereal and oat have become a major part of our daily breakfast as well as even the children love it. Despite that, happens once the cereal or oat is gone? Rather than discarding the cereal boxes each time, what about reusing them alongside these simple specialty craft ideas.

Crafting alongside children could get expensive; however, one way that you could hold your financial limit in line plus be kind to the earth is to utilize reused materials. These reused art projects for kids utilize cereal boxes and significantly more. Here are a few numerous approaches you could utilize these recycled and reused recycled art materials in order to create, make, and learn.

Below are the top Kids activities made out of Cereal Boxes.

Coloring Box

Although skillfully and conveniently planned activities might yield an enjoyment keepsake, kids truly begin thinking innovatively in open-ended art ventures. Alongside these, you essentially give tools as well as let them settle on choices and decisions.

All you require is:

  • Paper bag or cereal box
  • Markers
  • Scissors


You need to cut the paper bag or cereal box open to make a low-level rectangle shape. Allow your kid to draw and make however she or he likes. It is that basic!

Cereal box elephant craft

All you require is:

  • Cereal box
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Paintbrush
  • Gray paint
  • Black marker


  • Begin by opening up the bottom and top of the cereal box, and all the folding flaps need to be cut off on both the bottom as well as the top. Some pieces also need to be saved for the elephant trunk plus dispose of the rest.
  • Cut around a half-circle round shape out of the center of the base of the cereal box on both of the sides. Now, the elephant has 4 legs.
  • Utilize the black marker in order to draw the head shape as well as elephant ears on the side and front of the old cereal box. Our ears ran onto the cereal’s box back a little, and that is alright. Utilize the scissors in order to cut out the outlines that you drew for the ears and head.
  • Ears reminder outline needs to be cut off on the cereal box back, mostly down the box around halfway. Now the elephant’s is finished. And paint the elephant alongside the grey paint plus the trunk that you put aside in stage 1 and let the paint dry totally.
  • Finish the craft of the elephant by twisting one end of the cereal box cardboard trunk and sticking the opposite end onto the center of the elephant cereal box craft. At that point, stick the googly eyes over the elephant trunk.

Cereal Box Totes

All you require is:

  • Cereal box
  • X-Acto knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Sponge brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments of the choice


  • In this step, you need to cut the four flaps of the old cereal box.
  • Now, measure the width and length of the cereal box’s 5 sides as well as cut the scrapbook paper in order to fit every side.
  • Put on a thin layer of Mod Podge to the box front, at that point lay a scrapbook paper piece over the Mod Podge plus rub softly to let all of the air bubbles out.
  • We are utilizing the pencil and ruler, measure plus outline where you need the handle to be. Utilize the X-Acto knife in order to cut out or remove the handle.
  • Now fold one of the creases down the sides of the oat or cereal box.
  • In this step, embellish, in case that you did like. (Now and again children could go crazy alongside this part, including flowers, stickers, rhinestones and so on.)
  • And you are done.

Cereal box puzzles

All you require is:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Cereal box

Directions of crafting homemade puzzles from boxes of cereal:

  • Firstly, begin by cutting out the very front panel of the old cereal box.
  • Then, simply cut the front of the cereal boxes into a couple of large and simple shapes or forms. You can go alongside around 4 or 5 large, exceptionally simple and basic pieces for the puzzles. For a grown-up youngster, you can even cut extra pieces, as well as make the different shapes somewhat more intricate.
  • The excellence and beauty of these hand-crafted puzzles are that you could make them as simple or as challenging as you prefer, contingent upon the age of the kid.
  • It is such a simple and basic activity; however, the young ladies were very energized once you can give them their unique puzzle pieces, plus it kept them occupied and busy.

Cereal box mailbox especially for valentines

All you require is:

Here is what you will require to make:

  • Old cereal boxes
  • Scissors and X-ACTO knife
  • Tape
  • Craft paper or paint
  • Stickers and different embellishments


  • Start by cutting a simple mail slot. This will actually be a rectangle shape in the front of the box, where basically the mail will be let fall or dropped in.
  • Next, you need to tape the highest point of the cereal box closed.
  • At that time, wrap it simply in the craft paper, similar to as you would wrap a present. We utilized craft paper of white color, yet brown will look decent as well. You could even decide to paint the cereal box.
  • Finally, decorate the box. With regards to the embellishments, utilize anything you need to decorate the box. And stick-on pearls would be decent. You could utilize stickers, lace, or buttons to decorate. You can even adorn and beautify with paint or markers. Simply get creative and play around with it.

Whereas it is ideal for holding cards for Valentine’s Day, this box really has various uses. You could fill the box alongside art supplies, small books, stickers, and significantly more.

Rainbow glasses with cereal mini cereal boxes

All you require is:

  • Cereal box
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Some of the cotton balls
  • Paint
  • Cellophane small squares


  • You need to open out the cereal box.
  • Now, cut out the back or front panel as well as place the rest of the cereal box aside.
  • In this step, draw the glasses parts within the card face. This is likely a grown-up work as it needs some measuring in order to ensure it is the correct size. If your box is of brown color, you might require to do a quick layer of white as well as leave it to dry.
  • Now color or paint the rainbow alongside markers. You can likewise utilize shaded collage paper, include sequins or sparkle and decorate with string, and so on!
  • Cut out each of the parts. The ‘lenses’ could be cut alongside a surgical scalpel or simply cut in from the exact sides plus afterward reattached alongside tape.
  • Now, arms need to be folded and were attached and marked to the glasses back with paste or tape. We think hot glue will work best and great.
  • Cut the cellophane squares to fit the lenses back generally. Attach with sticky tape or glue.
  • Now, a cloud shape needs to be cut down form the remaining box.
  • Roll the cotton’s wool small pieces into ball shapes as well as stick them to the cloud. And attach to the glasses alongside glue.

All done.


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