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Chatbot Training Data Set to train the virtual assistant devices and Chatbot applications to run the automatically and answer the questions in the right manner. The language or voice based AI applications can be annotated to the texts, audio and speech making it understandable to machine through algorithms for right communication with humans.

Chatbot Training Data Set

To assist the customers through automated applications that can assist the users of the different companies and solve their queries with right solution. Cogito provides the high-quality training data sets for chatbot and similar AI based applications. The training data offered by Cogito is annotated with added metadata and notes to make the entire sentence understandable to machines.

Chatbot Training Data Set

Chatbot Training with Machine Learning

To develop the chatbot training data through machine learning, language data like texts, audio and other data are annotated with precise level of accuracy. Each conversation is annotated with right techniques making the each sentence or phrases comprehensible to machines through chatbot algorithms. Cogito can provide the chatbot training data for various industries and sectors.

Train the Chatbots with Right Training Data 

Cogito is one of the leading data annotation company, work with advance annotation techniques for right predictions. Making the each conversation meaningful and understandable to machines through right language annotated data for NLP and NLU in chatbot training, Cogito works with well-trained and highly skilled annotators to produce the best quality annotated data for Chatbot training.


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Cogito is the industry leader in data labeling and annotation services to provide the training data sets for AI and machine learning model developments. All types of AI and ML services requires the training data for algorithms with next level of accuracy making AI possible into diverse fields like healthcare, gaming, agriculture, retail, automotive, robotics and security surveillance etc.

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