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Have you calculated how much you usually spend on batteries in a year? If we are guessing right, your average yearly amount being spent on batteries must easily come around hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. If you are someone who uses his/her vehicle a lot or are into some kind of transport business, then you are bound to shell out thousands of dollars on batteries.

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Incurring such humongous battery expenses is frustrating. If you too are looking for a way to cut down your battery expenditure, second-hand batteries are your option. However, a better option is to understand the EZ battery reconditioning method.

Believe it or not, once you recondition your dead battery, it will work as well as a new one. By reconditioning batteries, you won’t just save valuable bucks, but you also stand the chance to make some extra cash as a side business.

No matter what kind of batteries you use, be it hybrid, lead-acid, or NiCad batteries, you can recondition them in just a matter of hours. Most importantly, you need not have prior knowledge of working with batteries. By reviewing this guide, you will be able to understand the basics of easy battery reconditioning, how they work, and how to spot the difference between a repairable and an irreparable battery.

What is the course of EZ battery reconditioning?

If you have zero technical knowledge, relax, because EZ battery reconditioning is for everyone to understand. The course contains a total of 21 chapters, all of which provide step by step instructions elaborating on the working of batteries. Here’s an outline of what you can expect when you buy this course.


Most importantly, the course entails the list of tools and the necessary safety equipment you will need to recondition your battery. The course also contains details about where you can find these tools at an economical price.

Old batteries

You will easily be able to find old batteries in your house, but you need to understand that not every old battery is repairable. You will first have to check whether the battery meets the criteria of reconditioning or not.

Another way to find dead batteries is by checking out garages as they sell dead batteries at a cheaper price if not free of cost. This course explains the key points you need to check in old and dead batteries.


The course offers theoretical steps to recondition a battery. It also contains diagrams and illustrations so you can have a practical view to recondition batteries. The method of reconditioning starts with equalization, which includes removing sulfation from lead-acid cells.

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Sulfation is carried out using a chemical additive. Chemicals are used on a high-frequency device to remove sulfation and revive dead batteries. Keep in mind that two batteries won’t require the exact same steps for revival. The course elaborates on 10 different types of batteries that more or less follow similar steps.

Increasing your battery life

An excellent bonus this course covers is doubling your battery life. The course elaborates on how to maintain your batteries in good health in order to increase their lifespan. This way you won’t have to recondition your batteries every once in a while.

A few other things to consider

Before you purchase this course, make sure you are aware of the following details:

a.The course does not contain any video content.

b.Reconditioning batteries takes a lot of effort. You will have to carefully follow each and every step to refurbish the batteries. A tiny mistake and all your efforts go down the drain.

c.Since all batteries contain hazardous substances, taking tight safety precautions is mandatory. As mentioned earlier, this course does contain a complete list of safety equipment required to recondition batteries.

Should you use the EZ battery reconditioning method?

EZ battery reconditioning is definitely worth investing in. Using this, you can save hundreds of bucks in a year. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can use the 60-days money-back guarantee. Use this program to revive your dead batteries and build a second source of income by selling your reconditioned batteries.

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