Choose best fertility clinic for recurrent pregnancy test?

A loss of a pregnancy term can be quite devastating for a mother, as well as, the father. The couple suffers a huge blow psychologically and tends to fear to proceed for another conception in the later years.

Recurrent pregnancy loss: What is it?

Losing pregnancy terms three times in a row or more is termed Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. It happens when the uterine environment is not hospitable for the zygote forming from natural insemination and fertilization.

There is no symptom of this ailment. The would-be mother will not feel anything and the pregnancy term will be lost involuntarily. If this happens more than twice, it should be brought under the light of fertility experts. Corion Fertility Clinic is considered to be the best fertility centre in India in this aspect. A vivid test regime has to be followed by the doctors to ensure the underlying cause of pregnancy losses.

recurrent pregnancy loss treatment

Solutions for recurrent pregnancy loss

Uterine abnormality and genetic abnormality are the prime reasons for recurrent pregnancy loss. The doctors will perform a set of tests to find it out. If the uterus of the female patient is absolutely inhabitable for the zygotes, they will suggest going for surrogacy. Every step will be taken legally and accordingly maintaining the decorum mandated by the regulatory bodies.

Why choose Corion Fertility Clinic?

The prime reasons for choosing Corion is mentioned below.

  • Top notch experts – The reason for choosing this clinic is the team of experts working relentlessly to alleviate the pain of miscarriages among couples. The supervision and insights into this ailment of the experts will lead to proper solutions for the couples wanting to complete their family.
  • Comprehensive tests – As mentioned earlier, a couple will have to go through a series of non-invasive and minimally-invasive tests to confirm the reason behind such issues. Unless the reason is found, a fertility expert will not be able to conclude anything. Recurrent pregnancy loss testing will need a full-fledged platform equipped with the latest processes, tools, and experts. Once the diagnosis is done, the experts will be able to design a solution according to the profile.


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