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Handbags are very dear to girls. Finding the right bag as per the occasion is difficult. Therefore, we can help you know handbags better and can help you choose accordingly. A right bag in your hand personifies your personality. Going wrong with the type of handbag or the color may completely have a different impact on your persona.

Nowadays, handbags have become a chic style statement worldwide. Women go out of their ways to carry the coolest and trendiest handbag. To get them at a good price you may even opt for wholesale handbags suppliers. Let us help you make your task less tedious by imparting some knowledge on handbags, their types, and usage.

Find a bag that fits your lifestyle your way.

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags have ample capacity. They are spacious with a tough design. Tote bags are available in different materials and sizes often, in rectangular or square shape. They are also called shoppers bag. Some of the tote bags are open and do not have any lock or zip to optimally utilize their size and capacity. They have enough storage that you can carry water bottles, tiffin, make-up kit, etc. At times tote bags have multiple compartments for various other use like keeping keys or cell phones. They mostly have big and long handles to fit on your shoulder easily. They are comfortable to carry and due to its storage capacity, you can use it for multiple purposes almost everywhere.

2. Hobo Bags

They are the best bags for your day to day use. They have a slouchy shape and are perfect for your weekends. They look smart and at the same time, it is spacious. They are in a wide variety if you get them of cloth material they look very youthful and casual. Hobo bags usually give a ‘bohemian’ look.  Working women may carry a leather hobo bag to give it a formal look. Hobo bags have a long strap that can easily fit on our shoulders. It’s loose and body-hugging shape makes it very comfortable to carry.

3. Clutches

Clutches are also termed as evening bags, as they are perfect for your date night. They are called ‘clutches’ because they do not have any strap or handle to hold on to, you just have to clutch it. There is a different variety in clutches called ‘wristlets’- they have a small strap, long enough to hang over your wrist. Clutches have varied variety in terms of fabric and design- beads, sequins, metallic, satin, cloth, embroidery, formal wear, etc. They are perfect for your formal wear and elite parties.

4. Crossbody Bags

The name describes the bag quite well. Crossbody bag has a long strap that can easily be worn across your body. These bags are distinguished only because of its strap and rest cannot be defined. Crossbody bags can be in various sizes. One may opt for a chain strap for some party use or can pick a leather or cloth strap as per your need and requirement, the size may also vary.

5. Shoulder bag

I would call the shoulder bag the most comfortable bag. They have an adjustable strap; its size is neither too big nor too small. Just a perfect one for your daily use. Its long strap keeps your hands free and its size makes it easy to maintain. Shoulder bags have different compartments. It helps you organize your things better with different slots and pockets.

6. Satchels

These bags are for chic elderly women. Very ladylike bags with a round body and small handles. It’s more like a doctor’s bag with a lot of capacity. They often come with a spare sling for your comfort.

7. Bucket Bags

The best ones for your vacation and traveling purpose. They are unstructured and very casual looking bags. They are bucket-shaped with a comfortable sized handle; an extra sling may also come along with it. They are the most relaxed category of the bags. You may even carry a swimwear in it and enjoy a day out with all your necessities in one bag. They have a variety in size and straps, mostly can fit your shoulder. It has a drawstring top which adds on to comfort.

A recent survey on American women reveals that on average a woman spends $160 as much on a handbag and owns about 11 handbags. Wholesale bag suppliers surely can be a sigh of relief for the ladies who have a thing for wonderful handbags. Adding various handbags to your wardrobe collection and flaunting the right handbag at the perfect occasion surely can help you leave a mark in this fashionable era.


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