Choosing a Crib for Your Baby

As you await your baby’s birth, the piece of furniture that is most important is the crib. It is the central piece of furniture in the room and where your baby will spend the majority of their first few months.

Cribs come in all sorts of styles, shapes and designs and that can make it difficult to choose one. All parents, especially new parents expecting their first child, learn that there are many decisions that come into play as you await your new arrival. It can get overwhelming, especially if you have never done this before, to find the best in everything you will have for your baby.

Today, we will look at differences between cribs and help you narrow down the best options for you.

Before looking at some of the different types of cribs, it’s important to look at some of the other differences that you will find with cribs in general. Cribs can be made of different types of wood like maple, oak, cherry or mahogany among others. Cribs can also be stained, painted and finished in a variety of ways.

Standard Crib – The most basic option is usually the gold standard when it comes to buying a crib. It fits the industry standard size crib mattress and doesn’t come with any additional frills. It is very simply a crib, but is also the least expensive option and are perfect for growing families that plan to get more use out of them than one child.

Convertible Crib – A Wood Convertible Crib can bring a lot of versatility. Many of these cribs have additional space like an attached changing table or storage space that can make it have more uses. The term convertible also comes from the ability for the crib to convert and transform into a completely different piece of furniture as your child grows. It can go from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed to a bench to a single bed and even a double bed. Purchasing a wood convertible crib may offer versatility, but since your child will be using the crib as a bed as you transform it as he or she grows, you would need a second crib if you decide to have another baby. Convertible cribs also tend to use softer woods and the finish can be difficult to match.

Round Crib – A round crib certainly offers a unique look from the standard crib. They can give off a very classic look that has canopies and a lot of frills, but it also means that you need to match it with round accessories and finding a mattress and bedding can become a challenge. Supplies are also typically more expensive than a standard crib.

Sleigh Crib – This is one of the crib types gaining popularity and it also can be a wood convertible crib as well, so it doesn’t completely fall into its own category. While it can offer versatility and a unique shape that is very quaint and rustic, it is made with solid headboards and footboards that can make it more expensive than your standard crib.

Now that you know about the many different types of cribs you can get, take a look at the selection from Kids N Cribs and choose the one that is right for your baby. Purchasing a crib is a big decision and one that you treat with care because you want your baby to rest safely. With this information, you should have a better understanding of the different types of cribs available and why they are the best option for you. So start shopping today and get the crib that your baby will grow to love as they start to grow.

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