Common Types Of Car Tinting Aspect We Can Choose In Daily Life

We might need a top-notch facility of window tinting in Woodbridge VA without being deluded by the variety of types available. However, the same thing can start to make us wholeheartedly confused at the same time. Many types of window tints work in varied ways that may result differently. It can be confusing for most of us to select either of the types of available tints in the shop we choose. It can be challenging for most of us to accomplish the task at hand.

The information of the types mentioned below can help us in finding the best way to identify which aspect could suit the car better.

Metalized window tinting:-

Small metallic parts are used by the experts in this aspect to block the UV rays away for good. The tints are specifically made to protect the individuals inside the car from the heat and light outside. It is a perfect solution for any individual that strives for a film that can last for as long as the metal parts themselves.

Also, this type of film produces the ultimate shine that attracts the attention of the individuals around us. It makes the window shatter-resistant and strong enough. This type of tinting facility is quite famous for glare reduction capacity and its durability.

Colored tints:-

Stylish tints are also available to enhance the looks of our respective cars. The colored windows can bring your cars on another level and also protects against UV rays.

Range of colors depending on individual demand and the car theme can be selected easily. We would have to make sure, however, to choose the exact color that can further complement the car itself.

Carbon window tint film:-

This is a highly famous one the car owners use today because of its advantages over different tinting aspects. The experts allow giving a matte finishing over the window that looks extremely alluring to the viewers.

The carbon inside the tinting film helps in blocking even radiations. We would also see that the fading is swiftly reduced because of the help of carbon tinting aspect. The interior of the car can stay mildly cool without even a hint of heat from the outside.

We can save more energy with this particular aspect during both summer and winter seasons. Since carbon film is durable, it is harder to find it broken during an accident.

Dyed tinting film:-

It is quite similar to the metalized aspect with only a small difference: dye is used instead of metal particles. The layer is applied along with the protection of polyester on the glass to prevent scratches and nicks. It helps block away about 50% of sunlight from the outside.

The non-reflective ability makes it quite reliable for most of us own cars. It does not block away from the radio waves coming from inside of the car. The effect of sunlight is also reduced that might have caused the color of the insides of the car to fade away. It also helps in blocking the glare of headlights easily. In terms of cost-effectiveness, this one can be the best option.

Hybrid tinting film:-

Fabric paint is designed to provide facilities given better than metallic and Dyed aspects. It has many types of the layer including a topcoat, an adhesive layer, metalized layer, and Dyed layer. A laminating aspect is used to bind all of these together to form a single film.

The metal content is reflective that helps in blocking the heat easily. It also reduces fading on the inside because of the presence of the metalized layer. The durability of the film is also enhanced due to the layers as well.

It also contains less amount of metal, which makes it a better product for reducing cell phone interference. We would see that the film itself wouldn’t be reflective enough that protects our eyes at large.


One of the better auto window tinting Woodbridge services, Quality Tire, can offer most of us the required types at cost-effective rates. We can save ourselves from the harshness of sunlight and gain a serene environment on the inside. The top-notch quality material and experienced professionals make it easy for us to provide better facilities in the form of window tinting services.


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