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The worlds in a midst of chaos right now, stock markets plummeting, businesses getting shutdown, travel agencies shut down because of a no travel guideline by WHO, and people being scared of what to do as rations slowly run out due to the lockdown. All of these things caused by the recent coronavirus pandemic that started in Wuhan China December 2019. With people panicking all around the globe! Everyone has just one question in their mind right now that being. When, will the vaccines for Covid-19 will be available?

Numerous countries all around the globe have been working tirelessly to create a vaccine for this pandemic but unfortunately as of yet no one seems to be producing results that can satisfy this question of every individual person out there. Even though medical stores are offering masks, sanitizers, and medicines at pretty good money saving prices. The need for vaccine is still eminent, and everyone knows that. But even after all of the failures every country around the world seems to be facing there still are a few countries that have shown an exponential amount of success rate in the creation of a pathogen to cure this virus.


Despite being ground zero china was the first one to announce of their clinical trials for coronavirus vaccine on March 16 2020. At first they only provide a statement to the people around the world about how they will be creating a vaccine that can completely cure the virus, to boost moral a bit. But following March 23rd they once again made a statement of how the vaccine was created, and is under clinical trials before appearing in the market. The vaccine was applied to a total number of 108 patients whom ages were between 18 to, 60. Currently there hasn’t been a feedback from their side on how the clinical trials went. But let’s just keep our hopes up for now.


Vector institute in Russia, which had previously worked on creating antigens for the Ebola Virus, is once again taking the spotlight by putting all of their hands back at work to figure out the vaccine for Covid-19. They have claimed to create a pathogen that can necessarily help the virus stop from doing so much damage, and to help an individual feel better before getting placed on a ventilator due to its fatal risks. They have also claimed to start animal testing later this June, but even with all hands on deck vector institute is still taking every little precaution as it can before releasing the vaccine for public use. According to them it could take about 13 to 18 months before the vaccine is available for purchase in the market. But that would all depend on how the animal testing proceeds later this June.


In spite of being, ages behind in medical achievements like the US, Russia, or China. Pakistan is still amongst the top frontier countries that have been partaking in the research for creating their very own Covid-19 vaccine. Even though the cases in Pakistan took an exponential rise in the month of March the recovery rate, and the death toll is still comprehensively less than the other countries. The National institution of health located in Islamabad is currently working hand in hand with some professional doctors from China to make a break-through in creating the vaccine. No further reports about trials, or vaccine prototypes have seem to been made public yet. But the local news sites like Dawn and Tribune have issued some pretty enticing articles on how the vaccine can soon be available for testing on human subjects.


Germany’s Curevac institute is also among the race of creating Covid-19 vaccine for people across the globe after the Trump administration contacted them. With the data shared by the US, Germany can be one of the first countries to start its mass production of vaccines. Though this all would seem far stretched as they still have yet to undergo clinical testing which will begin as of June this year. The testing will began after the efficacy results are in.


China announced the clinical trials on March 16th, after the announcement the US took no time in announcing their very own success rates for the creation of vaccine. Currently, US has the more success ratio in developing the vaccine before any other country as the National institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have already began their trials, which shows some prominent results on the patients submitted at hospitals. But that’s not all scientists from Moderna Therapeutics’, a Boston based Biotech Company also showed some pretty spectacular results in procuring the vaccine for mass production as well. So, in short if any of the countries on this list start to generate the cure for Covid-19 in the market, the United States will probably be the first one among them all.

Now to conclude the topic, these were just few of the most promising countries currently partaking to create a vaccine that we know off, certainly there might be a ton more that could be working on the vaccine in secret. Because let’s just face it since it is a pandemic whichever country creates the vaccine first can sell it to others at an articulate cost, and other would have to buy them in this situation too. But this is all just rudimentary speculation for now, so it’s just better to stay hopeful and expect the best from these countries.


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