Courthouse Wedding: Smart Way to Tie the Knot

Want to celebrate your wedding in a more intimate and personal way? If you are among those couples who wish to have a private affair with selected friends and family in a decent way then courthouse wedding can be a great choice for you.

There are many reasons that have made courthouse wedding popular among the couples and its affordability is one of the prime reason couple are choosing courthouse wedding. You can easily save thousands of dollars just by opting for chapel wedding and you can use your money for the future. Why spend hard earn money on pomp and show when money can be spent in a better way.

Apart from affordability the courthouse wedding gives couples a chance to have a perfect photo shoot. Choose a chapel that has city hall. As most of the city hall offer the chic urban look will make your photo shoot more appealing. Many couples visit chapel just for a photo shoot, why don’t plan a courthouse wedding and get a perfect wedding album.

Budget-friendly: Would you believe that courthouse wedding and justice of the peace marriage would cost you less than $ 100? Yes, such a wedding can be a great time and money saver. The average wedding in the US cost around $30,000 and the courthouse wedding will cost you $75. Now the choice is yours.

Intimate gathering: If you are in favor of a smaller wedding where only a few selected friend and family members are invited then the idea of courthouse wedding is the perfect pick for you. Many couples do not like extra attention that they receive on their wedding day and t only cause stress. Keep the event personal call only those friends who really matter to you and with whom you wish to share the big event of your life.

Your wedding your rule: The best part about courthouse wedding is there is not set rule that has to be followed. All you need is a witness and identification document. You can choose your dress, oath, music rituals depending on your personal interest. Unlike a church wedding, there is no long list of rules and rituals that you have to follow for the wedding.

Wedding venues get booked in advance and sometimes couples have to wait for 10 to 12 months to get the date. On the contrary, the chapel is easily available so if you don’t want to wait for months and wish to tie a knot the earliest then courthouse wedding is the right choice for you.


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