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“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the safest way, but the only way to become healthy” – Marshal Field. 

The worldwide panic is rising every second for two reasons. One is the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 also known as the novel Coronavirus, and another one is crashing values of our investments in stocks, mutual funds, shares, debentures, etc. The higher than ever gold prices, severely shaking stock market – Investors are helpless and going through an unexplainable trauma. Most of these investment instruments are not physical, and on top of that, their values are continuously marching downwards. The scenario is sufficient to cause stress and depression to the investors.

In the recent past, the banks have failed miserably. The downfall of the aviation & tourism industry, stock markets, and other forms of financial investments losing their valuations, the investors have to look for an alternate option to invest.

One doesn’t have to dig up a lot to point towards the solution as the only investment that is the safest in the current (and every) situation and has always stood strong during such storms is REAL ESTATE!

Let’s have a look at some of the major facts that prove that real estate investments are the best decision you can make:


Real estate is a physical asset and the most risk-free one! The market scenario doesn’t impact the status of a property making it the safest. The pandemic has come as a reminder of the same by teaching us all to Stay Home and Stay Safe.


Losing the value of your investment is the one thing that most of the investors are going through at the moment. On the contrary, a property cannot vanish or reduce in size. Buying a property is even safer than putting your money in banks. A property cannot be stolen while almost every other mode of investment has some amount of risk involved pertaining to theft and fraud.


Your property investment is an assurance to give you a good amount of rental returns. Also, you have the choice to invest in a home or in a commercial property to rent out and putting your money to the best use.

Tax Rebates at Present, Asset Planning For Future

Purchasing a residential property with a home loan (with a reduced rate of interest at present) or buying a commercial property in your company’s name with a bank loan – both ways, you save money be getting tax rebates. What’s more? The best form of asset planning for your future or next generation is a property.


This is the fact! Appreciation on your real estate asset will surely reward you with a good appreciation beating inflation in long term. This is your only investment that would be least impacted when the economy is having a tough ride. While all other modes of investment are collapsing, real estate is getting ready for a boom with the reduced property taxes, GST and home loan interest rates.

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