Creating a SaaS Business Model in Excel – Using a SaaS Financial Model Template

Due to the influence of today’s generation of internet addiction, there are many business models that emerged due to its convenience. Especially when running businesses, the use of online tools became a critical factor to help with the operations of a business. Hence, the emergence of the SaaS business model. What is SaaS? SaaS is the short term for Software as a Service, in which the software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted by a platform that provides services through online connection. These software products are usually “in-demand” given how popular SaaS as a business is, many developers want to try their hand in this industry.

Creating a business plan is very important in any kind of business in different industries. This is to have a clearer picture of the business’ feasibility and to ensure that you will be able to have enough returns in the future. That’s why even though business planning can be quite a chore, it is worth it to create a SaaS financial model. Even though a SaaS business is catered in an online platform, a business is a business, so no matter what and where the platform is, it is important to build a financial model.

Developers are not all knowing and it can be a real tough task for them who doesn’t have extensive know-how about accounting and financial modeling to create a SaaS financial model. Creating a SaaS business model in Excel will take a lot of time and will definitely make the developers frown just thinking of all the calculations and projections to be shown in an excel file. Moreover, with today’s emphasis on using certain tools, why not take advantage of that opportunity? By using a SaaS financial model template, the task won’t be as hard anymore. It is after all more efficient and resourceful to use a template and download it, rather than creating a business model from scratch.

If you are running a SaaS business and looking for a platform where you can acquire or download a SaaS business model in Excel, you can simply visit eFinancialModels. eFinancialModels is a platform providing a wide range of industry-specific Financial Model Templates made by financial modeling experts with a vast experience in financial modeling and a substantial industry know-how. To download SaaS financial model templates, you can check out this list: Financial Model Templates for SaaS Businesses. No more spending too much time mulling over how to create a financial model for a SaaS business. Simply acquire a copy of a SaaS financial model template and use it as a base to start with as you build your very own SaaS business model in Excel.


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