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When you talk about marketing then you need to grasp the concept that the term marketing is quite a vast term. It incorporates all those activities that start with the conception of the idea of the product till the product is not available in the market anymore. However, usually when we hear the term marketing we think about promotional activities only. This is a misconception. 

See, there are two main approaches in marketing that are being used. Most of us are normally being exposed to one type only. The two approaches of marketing are:

Active Marketing: 

The term active marketing comes from marketing which is based on actions. When you are taking action to create a better image about your brand or business organization in the market, starting from the smallest activity such as handing out your business cards to the biggest activity such as spending millions in sponsoring an event or conducting market surveys to know what your users want and prefer. 

When you talk about active marketing you are talking about an approach that aggressively pursues the target audience and bombards them with promotional and advertising content so that their target audiences can be influenced in taking the desired action. 

Passive Marketing: 

Creating valuable content that reaches the target audience and acts as a source of information about things for the target audience falls under the umbrella of passive marketing. It is a much subtler way of approaching your target audience. This approach focuses more on making use of the demand which is already present in the target audience and somewhat polishing it. 

Furthermore, passive marketing approaches the audience in an indirect way. Most of the content that we come across on the internet is part of passive marketing. The blogs that you read, the informative articles that you come across on a daily basis that provide you detail of a product that may help you resolve a certain issue, all comes under passive marketing. 

Did you know, most of the wiki pages about brands and business organizations or individuals are a perfect example for passive marketing. And this is why most businesses are pursuing the idea of hiring a professional wikipedia page creation service to get their wikis made. Another reason why business organizations prefer to use professionals to create wiki articles for them is because of their guaranteed page approval claims and their ability to meet those claims. 

However, you don’t really need to hire a professional wiki page creation agency to get your wikis because there are techniques that can help you create flawless wikis as well. 

Steps To Create Wikis Yourself:

Most beginner page creators seem to have problems in creating wikis because let’s face it, it is an arduous job. Not knowing the right way to create wikis will not only let your wikis get rejected but will also lead to waste of time along with other resources as well.

Wiki page creation is a process that can become easier to understand and follow if it comprises of small doable steps. Here are the steps that can aid you in the creation of impeccable wikis that are sure to sail through the screening process.

Step # 1 – Start With Creating Your Wikipedia Account: 

Yes, this step is as easy as it sounds. You simply need to visit the website and sign up and register to create an account on it. The signing up process is also something that is quite easy and anyone having a little knowledge about filling a simple online form can easily manage that. All you need to do is to visit the website and click on the create account option visible to you on your screen in the top right hand side. 

You are not exactly required to go through this first step. This is just an additional step that will help you make a reputation for yourself as a professional wiki page creator or editor. With every wiki page you create and get approved, your profile gets better, that is if you have one.

Step # 2 – Think Of An Appropriate Topic For Your Page: 

The next step is where the actual wiki page creation process starts. This is where you will be required to think like a professional page creator. You now have to think of a title for your wiki article or page. Now, before you blindly start on with the first topic in your mind you need to take care of a few very vital things. You need to ensure that whatever title you are choosing for your page is not just simply the one that you have a grasp on, even though it is easier to create wikis on something that you have a strong grip on but, you need to make sure that the title is one of a kind. Wikipedia does not provide room for two pages of the similar title. Furthermore, every wiki page title or topic needs to be notable enough to be approved by the standards set by wikipedia. 

Step # 3 – Research: 

Collect information which is relevant to your topic. Ensure that your information is backed and supported by citations and references. The whole idea of creating wikis is to give people information which can be counted as reliable and authentic. So, ensure the authenticity of your wikis by conducting a thorough research on your topic.

Step # 4 – Write, Write and Keep Writing:  

This writing phase or step is the most complicated step of all of the steps because this is where the real work begins for a wiki page writer. As a wiki writer, you need to familiarize and comprehend the writing guidelines and polices of wikipedia thoroughly. In addition to the guidelines, you also need to make sure that all your content is free from any kind of promotion. Wikis are used for passive marketing but including any promotional content in your wikis is a direct violation of the writing guidelines and policies of the platform which will certainly lead to the rejection of your page or article. Moreover, your wikis must not be written in biased tone. Be sure to keep your writing tone neutral. A wiki writer always stays neutral and keeps his or her own opinion out of the information they are providing.

 Step # 5 – Page Submission: 

Finally, you are done with the creation of your wiki page and now the only thing left to do is to check it for any possible mistakes and submit it for reviewing onto the official platform.


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