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Do you manufacture products on a tight budget and are looking for an affordable promotional method? Do your products need packaging on the go? Custom packaging sleeves prove to be an inexpensive but powerful marketing tool as they promote branding while fitting easily into the budgets.

With an increased level of competition internationally, it has become crucial to make your brand stand out among the cluster in order to survive and grow in the market. Customers tend to trust products of a certain recognizable brand. Therefore, it helps to make the brand familiar among customers through prominent branding. This involves creating a distinct and individual brand logo and design that differentiates it from the rivals. Customers spot vibrant logos instantly making the product high in demand. Most buying decisions are made in stores and businesses can avail of this impulsive buying habit by making the product look appealing and attractive. Customers feel compelled to add such products to their shopping carts immediately as they are encouraged to try it. They only pledge loyalty to a brand once they have purchased it and used it regularly.

What are sleeves and belly bands?

These refer to robust cardboard boxes that are pushed over the product’s inner packaging box or the product itself. They also come in plastic protective sleeves or paperboard to hold products that do not require separate packaging boxes. They are similar to a box without ends or closing tucks like a cylinder and are apt for showing part of the product while putting a brand name to it. Ordinary boxes can be made alluring by covering them with such sleeves that can display the brand name, product information, and many other details swiftly.

These sleeves offer the perfect solution when you are looking for cost-effective promotions. This is because these sleeves and bellybands can be customized specifically to your requirements without utilizing a lot of your resources. Products like soaps, fruits, certain food items, clothes, and many more can be efficiently packed in these sleeves to let the customers know about the item more precisely than a boxed one. Products are more easily transported as they do not hold the weight of a packaging box and take up less space too.

Customize through expert advice

A team of specialized professionals aid in crafting the most suitable sleeves and bellybands for you. Not every seller is well versed in the technicalities of customization. Our experts help to choose from free templates and numerous modifying options to make your ideal design come alive. The account manager is also available to generate the perfect mix of quality and costs for you. There is a wide spectrum of designing features that can make these sleeves look top-notch. For instance; different gloss and matte laminations including sandy matte, soft touch, and pattern. Various coatings such as gloss AQ, flood UV, spot UV, satin, and varnish. Exclusive options like embossing, foiling, die-cutting, and metallic inks are also available to give a one-off look to your products.

You can customize the sleeves in any color, shape, or size to suit the products perfectly. They come in all standard and custom card thicknesses with additional add-ons like ribbons, handles, scoring & gluing, and any tailor-made design of your choice.

Affordability matters when choosing the right promotional mix

Custom packaging sleeves incorporate less amount of materials to manufacture and so costs lesser than conventional boxes. Businesses carry out extensive and costly research and manufacture the products to precisely meet the expectations of customers. Next, they decide on the appropriate packaging to deliver these products to the market. Their decision depends on numerous factors including durability, strength, and price of these packages. This is because products are shipped along long routes and undergo excessive handling before they reach the customers. Hence, they have to be packaged strongly and in packages that last longer. Damaged items create a negative image in people’s minds and businesses have to incur significant costs in replacing those items. Belly bands and sleeves help to firmly hold the product in place and make it easy to move them from one spot to another without a lot of technical assistance.

We offer these sleeves at affordable rates to further help sellers lower their marketing costs. Utilizing low-cost promotional tactics give a competitive edge over rivals and enable the manufacturers to increase profitability via increased customer base. These are especially effective for products that are already running on limited budgets and sellers want a marketing mix that is affordable and effective at the same time.

Benefit from elaborate printing experience

We pride in offering our customers top-notch reliable services that have made us a well-recognizable name in the field. Exclusive services are provided free of charge that otherwise, cost a fortune. From shipping and handling, requesting a sample to a review given of the artwork submitted; facilities are offered free of charge to facilitate the clients. Additionally, fast deliveries are ensured through quick production turnaround time. Eco-friendly materials are utilized to support a carbon-free environment.

All in all, the best value for money deal is offered. We believe that you don’t have to compromise on quality if you wish to avail of cheaper packaging options. These sleeves can work wonders for your sales revenue by allowing for a unique display of the brand logo and text. They are printed using premium ink and employing the most modern printing press. Each piece is printed separately and strictly scrutinized to curb errors and mishaps. Manufacturers can also avail of these sleeves during special offers and seasonal sales. They allow products to be stacked easily and for customers to swiftly add such packaged products in their baskets. They also make for a wise investment option as getting custom boxes costs more than covering a generic packaging box with custom branded sleeves and belly bands.

So, don’t think much and chose the right printing partner to get you started on the creative journey to craft exclusive sleeves and make your products the first choice of customers.


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