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Valentines is undoubtedly one of the most awaited occasions in many places around the world. On this day, people offer gifts to their loved ones packaged in dedicated valentine gift packagingThese packages can be manufactured in a variety of exquisite shapes and practical sizes. These are made with the best materials the industry has to offer. These materials can be Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated. All of them are capable of providing durability to these gift packages. The best part about these boxes is that they are fully printable. It is why companies design these package with shades of red color along with illustrations of hearts. Some companies allow you to imprint a personal touch on these boxes. It can be done in the form of a personalized message or images on the box. Sometimes a custom window is added in these boxes to display the chocolates or candies packaged inside the box.

If you are looking to design your very own valentine gift packagingthen you are at the right spot. In this article, you will get to know about what attributes must be in a Valentine gift to make it look more special to the other person. Carefully read and follow the tips and tricks mentioned below in the article to get started. 

1.  Color Combinations

When you hear about the occasion Valentine’s, what is the first color that pops up in your mind? There are high chances that the color red is the most common answer. This is why to make your valentine packaging more special; you need to use this color in it. You can use a red shade to color the whole packaging, or you can use it someplace else. It depends on what type of design and illustrations you are going to choose for your boxes. But red is not the only color that you can use on this occasion. You can use red with a combination of black and white, and it will look more eye-catching. 

2.   Use Your Words

Color combinations are not the only way to make any packaging attractive. You can use your words to create a mesmerizing look. For this purpose, printed gift boxes are the most helpful tools for you. You can print them with various quotes or special messages for the couple that attracts them towards these boxes. The good idea is to use dialogues from famous movies or novels that people are familiar with. Also, you can use certain hashtags on these boxes that are currently popular on social media. All in all, it is all about what is popular in the crowd and fitting it onto the box.  

3.   Windows and Custom Inserts

Most valentine packaging USA usually comes with a custom die-cut window of its own. It is important because it helps the recipients and customers to have a look at the gift packaged inside the box. It is mostly done by companies that manufacture chocolates and candies. As it is done for presentation, custom inserts are also a popular choice. It is especially done on luxury gift packages, in which a window will reveal how professionally chocolates are packed inside a box. It can be the perfect element that can uplift the appearance of the gift by ten folds. 

4.   Shapes and Accessories

Other than designing and printing these packages, shapes also play a crucial role in the success of these gifts. Most valentine gift packaging in USA comes with a heart-shaped box. It is because Valentine represents love, and a heart-shaped box is perfect for this occasion. It is usually a two-piece box, with the top lid being detachable. Also, special ribbons are used to decorate the packaging from the outsides. It makes the gifts look more presentable and perfect for special occasions. 

5.   Patterns and Illustrations

Patterns and design illustrations are the first things people notice in any packaging. It is why near this big occasion, you need to print these boxes with the best designs. For this purpose, you can visit websites like Pinterest and Twitter to know the latest design trends. Keep in mind that you do not need to copy the exact design. Look for design inspirations and then come up with a way to infuse them with your brand or what you are offering inside the box. The patterns can be in the color red, with the base of the box in either white or black. 

6.   Unique Unboxing Experience

The thing about gifts is that people do not want the surprise and the happiness to end. This is why you need to provide the best unboxing experience to take this feeling of happiness to the next level. You can use special colors, illustrations, or your text to surprise the recipients. You can print messages for them when they open a box, and this will lead to a better experience. This will make sure that the gift is remembered by them for a long time. 

A valentine gift packaging is an important part of this big occasion in the lives of many people. You can uplift this experience to the next level by designing it to the best of your abilities. So now that you know about all the tips and tricks, it is your time to get started.

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