Data Safes: 5 Features You Should Look For

One of the best benefits of the digital age is easier and quicker communication. Information can be passed with just a few clicks, and you no longer need a big room to store files.

If you have a computer and a hard drive, you can safely store your electronic files there and access them easily whenever you need them. If you have confidential files, you can store them in media storage and secure them in a safe.

But before you buy a safe, it’s important to know that there are safes designed specifically for media storage: data safes. Below are five data safe features that you should look for, so you can safely store your files without worries.

High-Quality Locking System

This one is a must for all tyles of safes. However, it’s not always easy to tell if a safe’s locking system is secure enough, especially if you’ve never bought a safe before.

To ensure that you’re getting high-quality data safe, it’s best to start with a list of brands that you trust. A hack to get that list is to do a quick search on your favorite search engine. Use search terms like “data safes 2020” or “best data safes” and check which brands appear on the first page of the results.
Of course, you shouldn’t stop there. Read reviews and listen to both the positives and negatives. Those should give you an idea of which brands—or specific safe models—are worth the investment.

Internal Temperature Limit

Media storage like flash drives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and the like are sensitive to temperature changes. Excessive heat can melt their external material, and humidity and moisture can damage the internals and the stored data.

For these reasons, data safes are built to maintain a certain level of internal temperature, usually not exceeding 125° Fahrenheit.

Impact Rating

Impact rating is the maximum height that a safe could fall from without getting destroyed. It tells a lot about a safe’s durability—something that’s especially important during fire incidents and earthquakes.

A Hollon Safe data safe, for example, has a 30-foot impact rating. If during an accident it falls to the ground from a two-story building, it will still likely be usable.


For organization purposes, internal shelves are great to have. If you have several media storage devices that you want to store in a safe, it will be easier to organize and retrieve them with the use of shelves.


Safes are usually bolted down on the wall or floor, but there are also portable designs that you can choose from. If you want, you can choose a small safe with a locking system that allows for easy yet secure detachment. 


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