Dental Implants: Why should you opt for them?

Are you suffering from minor dental problems like an occasional toothache or minor cavity? Are you looking to make your smile the brightest in the room? You are not the only one.

Dental complications are a common happening in today’s world. According to data by the World Health Organisation around 60% to 90% of children have at least one dental cavity and nearly 100% of adults have at least one dental cavity. This data is alarming and shows how essential it is for us to take dental complications seriously.

With the rising demand for high-quality treatment dental industry has revolutionized and new and better advancements are entering the market every day. From temporary fixes like bridges and dentures that provide short term relief to dental implants that easily solve major dental issues with the least trouble, dentistry has come a long way. And when we say ‘a long way’ we do mean your city Pune. Yes! You can now access expert Dental implants in Pune.

Advanced Dental implants in Pune:

Dental implants are artificial metal posts that are inserted in a person’s jawbone to support the artificial crown for tooth replacement. This procedure is done when a person loses one or more of their teeth. Dental implant surgeries are safe and successful and they help the person to experience better eating and digesting, while also helping them smile prettier.

Advantages of dental implants:

Dental implants have many advantages over conventional dental treatment methods like bridges or dentures.

  • Natural and comfortable feel:

Dental implants provide a very natural feel as they are designed to very naturally replicate the actual bone and joint structure so the person doesn’t feel an alien object in their mouth. They are comfortable and are accurately designed with the help of digital intraoral scanners that provide an accurate 3D design structure for the implant.

  • High success rate with digital intraoral scanners:

Dental implants have a very high success rate and the accuracy is only increasing by the day with better experience and advancements in technology. The success rate has highly multiplied in the past few years due to the increased popularity of digital intraoral scanners. Digital intraoral scanners use advanced technology and softwares to produce a near-accurate 3D structure for the implant to fit the needs of different people and their mouth structures.

  • Reduces risk of cavity:

People with a high risk of cavities often opt for dental implants as they replace the cavity struck tooth and also reduce the probability of future cavities. Dental implants also ensure that cavities are not spreading to more teeth by replacing the tooth instead of temporary cleaning that may allow the cavity to return in future.

  • No need for extra maintenance:

Unlike dentures, dental implants do not require regular removal and cleaning. They are permanently fitted in the jawbone and can be taken care of very easily along with other natural teeth without any special care for sensitivity. This provides freedom from extra pressure for maintenance and carefulness.

You can now enjoy easy and accurate dental implants in Pune with the help of experienced and certified dental surgeons and accurate digital intraoral scanners, with Smile Pro.

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