Design Trends That Are Worth It In 2021

We are already halfway through the year and the latest trends this year are brimming with excitement in design trends. There are a few design trends that came back from few decades ago and continue being on the top and there are a few design trends that we are seeing this year that are completely new and amazing in their own way. Although COVID hit our worlds drastically but it induces a different change in the interior design industry as well. So here we are rounding up some of the major interior design trends that are still going strong and finding their way in our homes.

  1. Art Deco

Art deco design trend was born in 1920 and gained popularity over many decades. It saw the highest level of popularity in 1980 and again hit are homes in the 2020 after almost a hundred years. Art deco interior design can be recognised by patterns and geometric shapes. There are diamonds and starburst shapes and geometrical details in the artwork, décor, lightning and accent elements. The colour palette of the art deco style tends to be very bold and moody with jewel tones as well to give the space a glam look. Your living room furniture will be more jeweled up.

But you can also go for cheery and lighter palettes where there is just a single or two pop of bold and bright colours. You can see contrasting white and black palettes in art deco spaces. Art deco mostly features luxurious materials so it adjust towards a glam look which includes using materials and elements of metal as well as mirrored surfaces and fabrics like velvet to add texture. The style even today is continues to exist and there is a modern approach toward and can be seen in many celebrity houses along with modern homes with the eclectic touch that can make it look a little unique and stylish.

  1. Biophilic

Biophilic design is very unique as well as celebration of nature inside your home. It includes elements like natural light, fire and water into our homes and blends it with the natural colour palette in materials that inspired the design of your home. The entire point of biophilic design is to make you connected towards the nature through design elements and have positive environmental and health benefits that come with using natural elements. 2020 saw a major increase in popularity in this design style as people were trying to feel more connected and grounded to the natural world and to their homes. You can find nature inspired furniture and décor at furniture store in Brampton.

You can include biophilic elements directly or indirectly into your homes by choosing directly and bringing elements of nature into your home like house plants, natural lighting, water features into your space along with fire. When you choosing for indirect representation of nature you are bringing elements and texture that represent natural materials in your decor and furniture. You will include earthy toned colour palettes, organic shapes in your home that represents the natural world. This is a very strong going interior design trend right now and feels like it’s going to stay for a long time.

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