Which Used Car to Pick: Diesel Car vs. Petrol Car

Diesel Car vs. Petrol Car– What difference would it make? This is a question you’ll be asked when you ask a novice about the kind of used car you should pick, petrol variant or a diesel one!

Although to many the difference will seem negligible, it is important to understand that in addition to the cost of the cars, there is a plethora of other aspects as well that are worth considering when you buy used cars in Dubai. Before making any decision, check out some of the critical pointers that you should take note of, in the sentences that follow. If you want to go all-electric, you can sell your cars online.

What’s your monthly driving?

The foremost thing worth considering is the usage. If you are buying a car for your daily commute or if you won’t drive more than 1000-1500 miles in a month, pick a petrol variant. But if you are an avid driver who has long drives on a daily basis, a diesel car should be your choice.


The next important aspect that you should consider while buying a used car in Dubai is the mileage. If the car’s mileage is important for you, pick a used diesel car. Normally, if you are choosing a car with around 1.6 litre engine, a petrol car would give an average of 8-11 miles/litre. But if you opt for a diesel, you’d easily get an average between 16-20 miles/litre.  

Cost | Diesel Car vs. Petrol Car

No matter if it’s a used car or a new one, the diesel variant is always costlier in comparison to the petrol version. So if you are looking for a specific model but budget if your concern, then it is advisable that you pick petrol over diesel.

Torque/Power of the engine

Although this wouldn’t be a point of major consideration for most of the people, it is still better to pay some attention on the power of the engine. Ideally a diesel car would always have a better torque. So if you are an enthusiastic driver who likes to have fun while driving, don’t opt for the petrol version.

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Depreciation Value | Diesel Car vs Petrol Car

If you are buying a used car, it becomes way more important to consider the depreciation value of the vehicle. Just like the news cars, the engine life of a diesel car is low in comparison to a petrol car. So pay attention to the number of miles the car has already run. If the number is too high, you should think twice. And if you are inclined towards buying a diesel car, than it is highly critical to ensure that the car is not very old or hasn’t been stretched a bit too much. Investing in such a diesel car could be a bad decision as it would require a lot of maintenance and would end up being a liability.

Nature friendly choice – Diesel Car vs Petrol Car

No matter if you are selling your car online to get a new one, or planning to invest in a used car, it is important to consider the damage you will do to the nature as well. The petrol cars emit fewer amounts of pollutants and polluting particles in comparison to the diesel cars. Ideally it is also said that the life of a diesel engine is not more than 10 years as after a certain point, the engine starts emitting poisonous gases such as nitrogen oxide.

Considering all the pros and cons discussed above, it is advisable that you pick a used petrol car in comparison to the used diesel car. However, even after considering all these opinions and aspects, if you want to pick a diesel car, go for it. Ultimately, its your decision to make. 


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