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Bed Wedge Mattress Lifts- Bed Wedge Mattress Lifts and Wedge Pillows for Better Sleep. Pillows are those things that make your sleep comfortable. They also allow your body to maintain its natural curve. But not every person finds the best and comfortable pillow for sleep.

If you are suffering from some particular health condition, you may not have restful sleep with only your pillows.

Often doctors prescribe bed wedge mattress lifts or wedge pillows to patients who suffer from a spinal disease, GERD, bine problems, etc. 

But what are these things? Well, wedge mattresses and pillows are select mattresses or pillows with individual curves for offering support to your body.

They are not conventional mattresses or pillows. The truth is, not every bed wedge or wedge pillow is the same, They come in variable shape and sizes.  Here are some of the common types and how to use such pillows or wedges for maximum comfort-

  •  Facedown pillow-  Facedown pillow is for those who sleep on their stomach due to habit or health problems. The face-down pillows come with a unique bent shape that allows you to breathe even if you are sleeping on your stomach.
  • Cervical pillows-    Cervical pillows offer support to the neck and head of the user. It is excellent for those who have a cervical disease and need help. Cervical pillows are effective in offering comfort for head, back, neck, or shoulder pains and conditions related to bones. 
  •  Bosy aligner pillow– The body aligner pillows are different than the simple pillows. They are pillow wedges.  They are long and come with a unique curve to offer you comfort while you sleep.

    If you have any sensitive spot on your back or spinal region, you can use these wedges without any problem. You need to place the body aligner pillows on your back or lumbar region and lean against these for getting the best support.

    A lot of people also use them to get support while sitting.
  •  Lumbar Roll-  Lumber rolls re particular roll or cylinder-like pillows that offer support to the lower back and waist fo the user.
  •  Knee rest wedges–  The knee rest wedges are wedge pillows that offer support in the lower back, legs hip, or on the knee portion of the user. It is often prescribed by doctors in case you have knee pain or lower back pain. The wedge allows you to keep your legs in an elevated and angular position. It prevents excessive strain on the affected area and offers comfort.

These are pillows. If you do not want to use a pillow, then you might use wedge mattress lifts for having comfort.

But what are these things?

They are mattresses with particular inclination. The mattress elevators are foam mattresses or foam wedges. You can use them under your regular sleeping mattress to elevate the sleeping platform. The bed wedge mattresses come with an inclination of 4.6 degrees.

If you want to get the best comfort , buy a bed wedge on the same length of your bed mattress. It will allow you to get the full coverage in the best for optimal comfort.

The bed wedge mattress lifts are very beneficial for people who suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, breathing disorders, or snoring.

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You can follow this guide to understand different types of pf bed wedges and pillows. They have dedicated sleeping aides and can offer you proper relief. Please make sure to consult with a doctor before choosing a bed wedge or pillow.

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