Why Digital Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing

The introduction of the internet has really impacted every walk of life.

Looking at the massive people using the internet,  we can see changes occurring at a quick pace.

It’s undeniable that the marketing of the business is affected as well.

Big businesses are increasing their digital marketing budget and small businesses are now able to market their business.

Digital Marketing enables the small business owners to take their businesses to the next level while before it is hardly possible.

For whatever the reason, we as a whole can see that traditional marketing is now a lower priority and digital marketing is zooming ahead.

Here are some of the reasons why digital marketing is beating traditional marketing.

Converting the marketing to sales

Traditional marketing shows the product to the majority but converting the reach to sales is another process altogether. But with digital marketing, a click on the advertisement takes the client to the site where he can purchase the item without a moment’s delay.

e-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay are as yet utilizing traditional advertisements to complement their internet marketing strategy. This is on the grounds that, the age-old marketing methods like Radio ads and television still effectively and takes the product, in this case, the website to millions of people.

Interaction with customers

Marketing your product online encourages the customers to associate with the businesses. You can get to know your customer and can have a hand on their pulse, literally. You can understand your target audience and they can tell you what they think about your product. Now you can more readily remain associated with your audience and help make their experience better.

Cost Friendly

There’s an extensive decrease in the expense of promoting after the companies adopted digital marketing.

Why? Because there is a change in the way people buy products after the introduction of online shopping.

Customers have become smarter. They prefer to research and compare the prices before they decide on a product and go to a store to buy.

In the event that you need your site to reach to the customers, it needs to be SEO oriented and very simple to navigate for users.

If your website is not SEO oriented, you will lose the majority of your customers.

Targeted Reach

While traditional marketing methods like Television and Radio advertisements play a major role in reaching the customers, they reach a broad audience.

You can’t focus on a specific audience you think will benefit from your product. In such a case, you are losing your money and you can’t be sure if your product has reached the intended audience or not.

Fair Play

The traditional marketing strategies have been a boon for big businesses who can shell out the money for high profile and prime time advertisements. But with digital marketing on the rise, even small ventures can get a chance to assemble a strong marketing strategy.

All they need is a website with quick response time and well-written content.  well thoroughly considered marketing strategy can easily increase the website’s traffic significantly.

You additionally don’t have to wait for the statistics to check if your strategy worked. the advertisement reach is immediately converted to purchase. So, the business owners would realize what worked and what didn’t quickly and they could change their marketing strategy.

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Rajesh Ch works in digital marketing field at ooi solutions Malaysia. He is passionate about helping anything related to digital marketing.


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