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If you are the CEO of your company you might want to be involved in all things and in all areas of the business. However, when it comes to SEO and digital marketing there are a few things that you should and should be doing in this area. Keep reading on to find out what it is that you should be avoiding and things that you need to do.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t ask to be shown the PPC campaign keyword list

If your team is letting you know what is happening with the PPC campaign, which includes what your competition is doing as well as what you are doing. This also means that they are likely to be highly trained with various research tools you should avoid asking them to show you their list of keywords for this campaign.

The main reason that you should avoid asking is that these tools are providing suggestions and guidance based on the actual data for searching and spending.

This means that if the campaign is managed properly then these terms will have an evolved bidding and keywords are going to be removed and added based on various elements.

These elements include performance, opportunities, cost, and competition. This means that there is likely no list of keywords and if you are getting consistent levels of conversions, then go with what is happening.

  • Don’t Obsess on Certain Advertisements

Yeah, you are going to want the standards for the company brand to be followed, but that doesn’t mean as CEO you need to be focusing on all of the advertisements. Leave this to the people who have been hired to do this job since you might hate one of the advertisements that are posted.

However, you never know what advertisements are going to be liked by the target audience and your opinion might overshadow that.

  • Don’t Ask for New Tests Early

When it comes to your advertisements you aren’t going to see results immediately, especially if you are starting a new one. This doesn’t mean that you need to start trying out new creative methods since you don’t know what are the main ingredients to having a successful PPC campaign.

Make sure that you are putting out different advertisements for one campaign at a time so that you are able to see which one is performing best. Don’t ask for test results early, but give it enough time for meaningful results to come in.

  • Don’t Click Your Business Advertisements

This one might be easy, but it also needs to be said, so when you see when your own advertisements pop up don’t click on it. This is going to waste a click and you are going to end up paying for it when the click should have gone to a different viewer.

  • Don’t Be Bothered if Advertisement is on a Site that is Unrelated

Also, you need to ensure that you aren’t being bothered if the advertisement is on a site that isn’t related to your business. Just because the advertisement is being shown on these pages doesn’t mean that you are paying for it since you only pay if someone clicks on it.

The more people who are seeing it the better and it doesn’t matter what type of website it is on.

What a CEO Should Be Doing |Digital Marketing for CEO

  • Get Thorough Reports Every Month

Make sure that you are getting a monthly report from your marketing team rather than daily. Make sure that you are aware that getting daily reports won’t show you much growth, but instead get them once a month.

You can also get briefings instead so you can see the trendlines rather than daily movement so you can get insight and find ways to refine your current efforts.

  • Be Aware of What a Conversion is Really Worth

These days we have the ability to measure everything, but it comes with a cost and you need to know what the value of conversion really is. You should consider how much you are going to be paying out for the expert help that you are getting and then how much you will charge for the product or service. The more you know about how much it will bring in versus how much you are going to spend will help you to realize this.

  • Trust Your Employees

You need to make sure that you trust the people that you are working with, especially since you hired them. You will immediately be able to know if you hired someone who has the knowledge in the area or if they aren’t as skilled as they are.

You need to trust that they are doing their job and that they know what they are doing so you don’t need to watch over them at all times. Digital Marketing for CEO

  • Understanding the Math of Digital Marketing

One thing that you need to know about is that there isn’t a set number of conversions that you are going to see when you are using digital marketing. The conversion rate that is typically expected on any landing page is somewhere near 2% and you should have benchmarks set.

Also, ask them to show you some trendlines in their monthly reports and sometimes some campaigns take time to start moving at the right place.

  • Look at the Larger Picture | Digital Marketing for CEO

The first thing that you need to realize is that it isn’t about digital marketing, remarketing, PPC, or even displaying the advertisements, but it is about the whole journey.

You are going to be hiring a digital marketing company to bring in more leads and you are going to need to focus on the rest. They aren’t responsible for making these leads turn into sales since they are directly focused on the advertisements.

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These are just a few of the things that everyone is going to need to know about digital marketing and that means knowing what you should be doing and what to avoid doing.

Don’t ask for minute details that won’t be available, but rather get monthly reports so you can see how everything is doing. Also, you should trust your employees while trying to avoid micro-managing everything. Did this article – Digital Marketing for CEO, help?


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