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Immerse yourself in the Mongolian nomad’s timeless way of life. Set out on a four-day trek on western Mongolia horse trek, riding through fields of wildflowers across the vast steppe to sacred Mandal Mountain. Settle into a camp and get to know our National Geographic and nomadic hosts. Spend time exploring the lush, beautiful valley on foot, visiting nomad families, and enjoying the gentle rhythms of nomadic life. Go fishing in nearby rivers; try your hand at Mongolian archery; and get an intimate, authentic look at a regional Naadam festival at a small-village celebration.

Mongolia, with its vast steppes and open skies, its magnificent mountains, and equine tradition, really is the quintessential land of the horse trek. On this tour, we will visit the cultural city of Ulaanbaatar before being whisked away to the majestic north of the country, and the southern fringes of the Siberian Taiga; a land of mountains, lakes, and shamans.

Having saddled up onto our Mongolian steeds, we will ride on western Mongolia horse trek off into the mountains and lush green meadows, passing through nomadic Mongol family encampments where we shall stop and enjoy their local hospitality. This is a region of dramatic landscapes – of snow-capped mountains, turquoise rivers, beautiful lakes in the great meadow of Darkhad Valley, where few foreigners venture. We plan to visit with a famed local in his Tee-Pee (similar to the Indian Tee-pees) and witness him at work conjuring up the spirits before then returning to Ulaanbaatar.

No previous horseback riding experience is necessary. During our four-day horse trek, rides will range from 1 to 5 hours per day (3 to 12 miles) with options for more, or less, riding on most days. Due to the diminutive size of Mongolian horses, there is a rider weight limit of 195 lbs.

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In central parts of Asia, hunting with eagles at the golden eagle festival and falcons has been around for thousands of years. Especially around the area of lake Issyk Kul. While hunting with birds of prey has been an ancient tradition in many parts of the world, Mongolia seems to be the only nation to still be keeping this skillful tradition alive. Hunting with birds is a skill that requires immense dedication and takes years to master. On average to teach a bird to hunt it takes approximately 4-5 years of training and discipline.

To train a bird of prey for the golden eagle festival, the same master must be used at all times in order to get the bird used to the tone and voice of the man. In Mongolian, this man is called a “Berkuchi” which means master, friend, and teacher. From the master’s outstretched arm the bird will spot their prey and attack on command.

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