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The changing needs of the society puts an impact on the children and their development; therefore, the overall development of the children is the need of the hour. In today’s world students need to excel both in academic and extracurricular activities. There are several such scholarships that help the students to achieve the above-mentioned goal; one of them being the 9GEMS™ framework. It helps students to nurture and provides a holistic approach towards earning a scholarship. The scholarship is designed in a way such that it provides grooming to students, helps the students build on their inherent skills, and mold their personalities, to become a good citizen.

Further, the scholarship aims to balance the academics along with the extracurricular activities and involves interlinking with every element of the GIIS ecosystem. The design and features of the scholarship are designed in such a way that it aims to support the leverage in the teaching methodology, and student overall development.

A merit-based scholarship makes you one step closer to your educational goals and dreams. It makes the student exceptionally good in academics and extracurricular activities like athletics and creative arts. A merit-based scholarship is an accomplishment for any student and that makes a profile of a student strong and elegant.

Eligibility Criteria for a 9GEMS Scholarship in Abu Dhabi:  

This scholarship is applicable for students who belong to grades between 5 to 11 and scholarship tenure is for 1 year. Following are the categories under CBSE Curricula for eligibility of 9GEMS scholarship are: 

  1. Category A: For 20% off on tuition fees 
  • Students must hold a winning position in national level competitions in any of 9GEMS skills including Martial Arts/Literary Competitions/Sports/Dance/Music/Creative Arts and STEM.

        2.  Category B: For 15% off on tuition fees

  • Applicant must hold any winner position i.e., 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at the UAE level of competition in any of the 9GEMS skills including Instrumental Music/Arts & Crafts/Athletics/ Dance/ Music/Literary Competitions and STEM

       3. Category C: For 10% off on tuition fees

  • Students must hold a winning position in inter-school level competitions in any of 9GEMS skills including Martial Arts/Literary Competitions/Sports/Dance/Music/Creative Arts and STEM.

Disbursal Criteria for 9GEMS Scholarship:  The students must check a few things before applying for a scholarship such as:

·       Proof of UAE residence with visa copy of both parent and student.

·         Scholarship recipients must have a valid Emirate ID.

·         Any published sample, or articles on digital media related to robotics, artificial intelligence, coding-app making, etc.

·         Any innovative and invention works on any digital tool or gadgets.

Major Focus of Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi lies on:

·         Academic Excellence: At Abu Dhabi indian school, academic records are significant. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students can learn and score good grades in their examinations.

·         Athletic Excellence: Here sports are given equal importance like education and there is a platform to be a sports player. Sports are important for kids to make them active, healthy, and fit.

·         Personal Growth: With academics, personality development is equally important. If a student has powerful communication and great presentation skills, they grow easily.

·         Arts and Crafts: Art is a gift given by God. GIIS schools give a platform to show art and crafts skills and provide training to enhance their skills.

·         Dance and Music: For students who are inclined towards dance or music, the 9GEMS scholarship provides an opportunity to show their potential in this field.

·         Innovation and Invention:  There are kids who have innovative skills and they love to invent things. GIIS provides a platform to be innovative and inventive.

·         Self-Awareness: There are certain values that are important for kids to know such as kindness, compassion, empathy, and discipline. At GIIS, teachers help kids to learn values

At Global Indian International School, 9GEMS Scholarship is the one which helps a student in getting a quality education and bring change in their personality. This enhances the growth of kids and prepares them for a good career. In today’s world, everyone is fond of technologies and especially students are inclined towards advanced digital developments. To have a better career and stable career, one must have knowledge about how things are working these days digitally. Having practical knowledge can help students to excel in their careers and to achieve their goals. 9GEMS Scholarship provides a platform for young minds to grow, to learn, to explore, and to make a decision for themselves. Through this scholarship, students get an opportunity to generate ideas, implement learning, invent digital tools, innovate things of interest and conduct scientific research and experiments. 

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