DIY To Cap off an Electrical Outlet with an Expert Assistance


Electricity plays an important role in businesses. No business could run without electricity. There are many benefits of electricity in commercial places. Every latest machine needs electricity to produce satisfactory results. Despite the benefits of electricity, there are many deadly disadvantages. Disadvantages are due to human negligence.

 According to a report, around 7 thousand people suffer from electric shocks every year. Electrical outlets are the most common reason for electric shocks. The lack of knowledge on how to cap off the electrical outlets can make you suffer a great loss. This blog will give assistance on how to cap off electrical outlets safely.

The following top 4 tips will not only make you save a few bucks but it will also help you to be safe while dealing with the electric outlet.

Ensure The Safety

It is important to ensure the safety of your commercial building. You need to check the electrical appliances, outlets, and wires before doing any electrical work. The best way to ensure safety is to get the commercial electrical inspection certificate by conducting an electrical test. This will help you to know whether your appliances or electric outlets are overloaded or not. The experts will clear your commercial building only if your building ensures safety.

Determine the Power of Outlet

It is important to know the power connection of the outlet before starting the process. Mainly outlet draws power from another outlet or a switch or electrical panel.  You need to be careful while determining the power of the outlet. The main thing is to disconnect the power supplied to the outlet. The best option is to turn off the breaker to stop the flow of electric current. In this way, you will be able to disconnect the wires safely. Remember not to leave live wires as they can give you a deathly shock.

Remove The Outlet

After turning off the breaker, Disconnect the wires of the outfit from the device that is attached to it. The device could be another outlet or switch that is attached to the outfit. The wires could be pushed on the locking holes if the device is an outlet or a switch. Remember to check the voltage with the help of tester even if you have turned off the breakers. Removing the outlet isn’t easy. Slight negligence can put you in serious danger.

Cap Off the Outlet

After you have disconnected the wires, Remove the wires from the terminal screw or extract them from locking holes and cap them with a wire cap. The wire cap is made especially for the current protection. Remember not to use electrical tape as it’s not that much efficient as wire caps are. After covering all the wires tightly use the blank outlet cover. Screw this blank outlet cover into the same holes where the previous outlet cover was attached. That’s all you have to do. Remember to make this blank outlet cover accessible. The dead wires can be used in the future by removing the outlet cover.


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