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If you are looking at hiring in Australia, you must recognize the importance of a Victorian police check

You go through the hiring process: several rounds of interviews, psychometric assessments, reference checks, background checks, selection, decision and the offer. How long does this process take? Six to eight weeks? But at what point in your hiring process do you do a police check or ask the applicant to provide a police check? Your job ad should specify that the applicant should provide a police check or that they will be asked to consent to a police check.

The long hiring process costs companies a substantial amount of resources. According to a 2019 HRD (Human Resources Director) article, an ELMO software research revealed that it costs companies an average of $18,982 to hire one employee. From $9,772 for an entry-level position to $34,440 for an executive position.

For most jobs, a police check may not be critically needed. But certain industries require a criminal record check. A person who had a juvenile offence record will not be considered for jobs requiring to work with children, such as a nanny, school teacher, bus driver, or daycare personnel. An employer should not make a final offer until the results of this record are released or provided. Proceed with caution as this issue can be controversial. 

Here are some pointers an employer or an HRD personnel should keep in mind when dealing with this sticky issue, or better yet, get a Victorian police check and spare yourself all the nuisances.

  1. Only if a job opening has a clear legal requirement to check for a criminal record can an interviewer ask about a person’s criminal history. Otherwise, unnecessary inquiry may be construed as a breach of privacy. However, if there is a basic connection between the job function and a possible criminal record, the interviewer may proceed with his query. 

Needless to say, an interviewer should not ask an applicant any question about his or her criminal record based on the appearance or behaviour of the applicant.

  • There is no general rule requiring job applicants to reveal prior criminal records to prospective employers, only for job openings that have a direct relation to their offence. Otherwise, they are not obligated to disclose their record or answer a question about their criminal record when asked. An applicant may refuse to tell due to the fear of discrimination.  
  • Applicants who decide to volunteer their criminal record despite possible rejection will earn an interviewer’s confidence. The employer should give the applicant the chance to explain the offence and the reason for revealing it. Trust is the basis of any relationship. It will be tough to start any relationship if this essential component is missing. Honesty is still the best policy. 
  • At what point in the hiring process should a police check be asked? The police check is not asked from all applicants. The report should only be asked from the shortlisted candidates. This removes the risk of unnecessarily disclosing confidential information and exposure to complaints of discrimination.

An HRD personnel or an employer must learn the skill of extracting valuable information from an applicant through the different stages of interviews. Either that or take the quick and easy road, get a Victorian police check. 

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