Do you want a Leather Jacket Or Jean Jacket?

Do some research? Depending on where you live and if you have a computer, this step will be easier than the others. Do you want a leather jacket or jean jacket that you can turn into a vest? Do you want an old, new, big or small jacket? Well, whatever the case, it may cost you $ 20 to $ 50. There are several places where you can find cheap quality jackets for much less than 150 or 300 dollars.

“Online Websites”: This is the easiest and second-cheapest place to find the jacket you’ve long dreamed of. On the Internet, you can find various thrift stores, auction websites, and stores with clearance products. You can also check out the thrift store online: Retro Kitten Apparel, a vintage clothing store, punk, and retro thrift. If you buy online, you will have to pay for the shipping of the jacket, but you will also save money and fuel.

Use keywords such as “Used leather jacket (or jean) size L” and other variations. “Remember”: the more specific you are when searching, the faster you will find what you are looking for. Just type in what you want to find and let the search engines do all the work.

Beware of viruses. There are verified web pages with different logos, good looks in green and even warning messages that tell you if a web page is safe. Make sure you have an updated antivirus program.

However, this option could be expensive due to the high price of fuel, especially on toll roads. You may drive all over the city and never find the right jacket.

Check the newspaper, Craigslist or Star to stay on top of garage sales, street markets, flea shops, church sales, state sales, among others. Contact the people who put their phone numbers or emails and decide when to go to one of these sales. Also ask if they don’t have a leather or jean jacket, even if they already have all the items they will sell written. Maybe they forgot to put it on the list or forgot they had leather or jean jacket stored in the attic. Perhaps someone will see it and contact you; you will save time and money.

“Sales of surplus army supplies”: This is the last place that is recommended, but you can find leather, jeans, and flight jackets, among others. You must be willing to pay high prices to have that leather or jean jacket that you have loved so much; I hope you don’t spend more than 50 dollars. Now that you have your jacket, let’s make it your basic punk outfit!

Take a notebook with large blank sheets and your colored pencils, including ordinary pencils. Draw all the details of your jacket, including the pockets, the seam, the buttons, the straps, etc. Be sure to draw on the whole sheet, but leave a space to write down an idea. Then do the same for the back of the jacket behind the sheet (we want to be eco-friendly, don’t we?). Then, gather all the materials you have and want to use as patches, safety pins, etc. to start.

Use spaces to make notes. In these spaces, write a heading such as “Strikes”. Then use a color system and draw a red dot and write “pyramid studs.” Draw the pyramid-shaped studs in red. In the case of patches, you will not need this space. Just draw the shape of the patch on your sketch and write the name they have; for example, “The Addicts”.

Use your imagination. Ask yourself, how do you want your jacket to look? How will your jacket represent you? Should your jacket be a tribute to your favorite bands? A type of removable tattoo? Or just a cool jacket made with all kinds of cool materials. Well, that depends on you. This is the most interesting part of making your own rock punk jacket.

Start by designing your jacket by coloring some areas, writing words, drawing patches and areas where the materials will go, etc. If you don’t like the result, delete it and try again or start from scratch until you have a perfect custom creation. The following points will help you during the brainstorming session:

Be creative with the colors and paint a sleeve completely blue. Use colored markers to draw a spider web on the other sleeve, perhaps on the shoulder. Cross off the entire jacket or just the part of the neck. Add a few spikes along the seam or intersperse them with studs (be careful and make your jacket safe to wear). Add some band patches or symbols and write the band names as they appear on the patches.

Draw some skulls and symbols or, if you are not a good artist, have someone else draw them for you. The idea is still yours and you can also promote your friend.

Make a design with pins or use safety pins when attaching the patches. Use different thread colors to sew the patches.

Make a list of the tools, materials, and supplies you need. Find a flat place, like your kitchen table, where you can make your jacket.

“Acrylic paint and colored markers”: Go to places like Office Depot or Wal-Mart. Ask about the Oops paintings; these paints are very cheap because they are the wrong order of paints. Just make sure this paint adheres to leather-like acrylic paint. You can also opt for municipal recycling, where you can find recycled paints in five or six generic colors at $ 5 per gallon.

“Patches, safety pins, pins, spikes and studs”: grab a patch or pin from a punk event. Cut the logo of a band from a T-shirt and turn it into a patch. Use the rest of the shirt to make your own creative patches. Search online for cheap patches, picks, studs, pins, and even tools.

“Fabric”: Get a good-looking fabric from old clothes, thrift stores, or trash bins from craft or Wal-Mart stores.

“Chain”: “borrow” your dog’s collar.

“Thread”: You can use dental floss or fishing line, both are resistant when sewing.

“Punch”: instead of making holes for the studs with a punch, you can also use a very sharp ice pick or use different sizes of nails and a hammer.

Place all your materials in an orderly manner so that your work area is comfortable and you have everything at hand. Place the sketch of your jacket somewhere where you can easily see it.

Add studs. At the top of the jacket, make a hole and go through it with a pick or make small holes and hook the teeth of the studs. Then flip your eightball leather jacket over and use a flathead screwdriver to press the teeth or screw the back of the spikes. This is the part that takes the most time to make your jacket.


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