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Demon 2018 has already gathered 3000+ customers from US, for its new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, 840 horse power Demon is first of its kind for street drag car. Demon 2018  is ready to be out from the showroom and picks up 140 mph in just 9.64 second, wheelie hops in the production car. And these customers can get demon authentication package and this includes carbon fiber authenticity card and individual build sheets combined in a hermetically sealed sleeves, and this may cost you $1.


You can get a lot more along with this Demon 2018 , owner of this car can also have Demon Crate, Dodge Demon Deliveries to Customer  which has everything you need to have to unleash the power of this car. The Crate adds a performance tune, and a button for high octane, air filter with high performance, passenger removal mirror plate, drag front wheels, a jack, wrench, torque wrench, tire pressure gauge, tool bag and fender cover.

Wow! isn’t it the coolest car Demon 2018?

Lets dig deeper….

Tim Kuniskis, main Head of Cars built for passenger in  Dodge/SRT, Chrysler and FIAT at FCA North America said, “The people who bought a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon are performance enthusiasts to the core, and having a custom car with accessories that improve overall performance is critical. With that passion for both performance and their new limited-production Demon in mind, we’ve pulled together a collection of materials designed to help them learn about, track, protect and maintain the newest member of the family. These accessories are designed to build on the exclusivity and future collectability of this limited-production car.”

So it would be a great experience having such a cool car in our hands, but wait never leave any stone un-turned and if 3000+ US and almost 300+ Canadian customers are on the list of customers for Demon, then you can think of getting your hands on 2018 Demon.

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