Does Unified Marketing Work? A 5 Month Review & Analysis

My brand has always made use of traditional marketing to generate more target audience, until I stumble upon a more multi-dynamic strategy, not only to generate target audience but to make them be loyal and come back for more. When my business was using traditional marketing, I was limited to reaching a target audience but no guarantee for the customer to be loyal and come back for more of our goods, which means traditional marketing does nothing in expanding the target audience of my business, not even nurturing or converting. This formulates the reason why my business was more mesmerised when I stumble across Unified Marketing.

As a business owner who relies more on customers for business profitability and growth, using traditional marketing makes my business utilises a single or double element of marketing, such as social media marketing or search engine optimisation. However, it is always limited to that because it has no other supporting marketing elements and that is the reasons traditional marketing is being naturally forced to evolved into Unified Marketing, for instance, search engine algorithms demand my business genuine content that will engage my target audience and this, will require high authority content marketing.

Consequently, when search engine algorithms use social signals as a ranking indicator, there is no way I won’t need an effective social media posting strategy that generates my audience and nurture them at the same time. Another instance is when my bounce rate is high as a result of visitors leaving when visiting on the first page, it is inevitable that Google will consider that the search result may be irrelevant.

When Unified Marketing comes on board, I was able to utilise multiple elements of digital marketing strategy where each element supports one another to organically and naturally work in sync to generate, nurture and convert my target audience. Gone are the days when my business makes use of manual email follows and cold calling; since Unified Marketing has introduced email marketing that adapts based on the user’s website visit history behaviour and which inputs them in a certain stage of a sales funnel.  This will target emails towards nurturing them based on their specific circumstance on the reason they haven’t committed an action yet.

Within the few months, my business adopted Unified Marketing; I was able to utilize multiple elements of marketing which work in sync to support nurturing, generating and converting my target audience. I make use of elements like Social media marketing that support my business in generating and nurturing my target prospect which has already be generated through social media marketing via a posting strategy for each social media platform such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

I also make use of email marketing which works in converting and nurturing my target prospect who have visited my website and expressed interest in my product through a sign-up form and email subscription with an email marketing strategy which I know as drip campaign.

To ensure peak performance while finding conversion improvement opportunities for my business, I make use of A/B testing that generates, nurture and converts my target prospects through every element of my marketing strategy with split A/B testing to ensure the sleek performance of all my business elements of marketing.

To make a potential customer feel confident in the brand they are buying into; I also use content marketing on highly authoritative websites which do not only builds authority and add trust for my business but also instil value into my brand from third-party sources which also add credibility to my business. Since Unified Marketing has a journalist on staff from Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Forbes and other similar publications, this means that using content marketing with Unified Marketing was able to establish the trust for my business and consequently generate my audience with these authoritative media outlets.

Using all these elements of marketing isn’t the most important. However, I realise that knowing how to develop, nurture and convert my target audience is vital in utilising all the elements of marketing in Unified Marketing.

I started by focusing on generating my target audience which can be on various platforms and sincerely, identifying my target audience wasn’t easy as it might seem, because it is even beyond the scope of Unified Marketing. That is where my skills as a marketer are utilised, and even though it was difficult at first, I was able to develop a potential audience within a few days

After developing my target audience, I start to nurture them by shifting the marketing campaign towards the target audience I’ve developed. However, I didn’t do this by spamming the potential customer with ads that are annoying such as “This is best for you, Buy Now”. This may have scared off my potential customers so I ignore it. Instead, I started informing my audience about my value through my excellent content marketing and well-targeted mails. This makes my audience develop a sense of trust and authority in my brand which paves the way for me to convert them with ease.

After doing the first two steps successfully, I was able to convert my target audience into a paying customer. But I didn’t do this in a hurry as this might have made me lose some customer for life.  I took my time in nurturing them before I make a move in converting them. This will not only make the customer a paying one, but also a loyal customer that may buy again.

This was all achieved within a few months of exploring all elements of marketing which is made possible by Unified Marketing and what is the result?

  1. I was able to employ search engine optimization, social media and content marketing to generate the target audience which is key to my business.
  2. I was able to nurture my audience by focusing on email marketing, retargeting prospects, building value to my business and A/B testing which paves the way for the conversion
  3. Finally, I was able to convert my target audience into paying and loyal customer by optimizing my website and landing page for conversion.

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