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You wander through the streets, and you often see stray dogs roaming as well. Most stray dogs are harmless; they won’t chase or bite you as long as you leave them be, and you don’t harm them. However, there are stray dogs that may be more harmful than other dogs. Some residents in a village or town may also complain about stray dogs roaming around their area. Authorities may take action about this. In such situations, there are many ways to catch dogs, but it is very important to catch dogs humanely. This article will focus on catching a stray dog through the use of a dog trap.

What Is a Dog Trap?

It is a box or cage that is used to trap a live dog. Using it is very safe, and it certainly wouldn’t harm the dog. When choosing a trap, consider factors like size, safety, and strength. 

Choose a size that is larger than the target dog. It should be big enough to ensure that it would fully capture the dog and has enough room for the dog to remain calm. The ideal size for a cage trap is 42 inches long and 15 inches wide; it is the perfect size for small to medium-sized dogs. 

Safety is also very important to consider. Your aim must be to catch the dog alive and never harm or kill it. A safe trap must not have sharp and rough edges to prevent the dog from getting hurt and wounded. 

In terms of strength, the wire or metal used for the trap must be durable and can withstand aggressive external forces. It is recommended for the wire to be at least a 12-gauge steel. The trap itself should be strong enough to hold the weight of the dog.

How to Catch a Dog Using a Dog Trap

  • The first step, of course, would be to have a trap on-hand. You can purchase a trap, or if you don’t want to buy your own, you can also call a local animal control centre where you can borrow or rent the trap. You need to provide them with all the necessary information about the dog, like its size, so that they can lend you an appropriate cage size and type.
  • Place the cage trap in an area where the dog usually resides. It must be a location where the dog feels the most comfortable and won’t feel threatened or harmed. The area should also be free from any disturbances, such as a crowd or other factor that could affect the dog. Place it on a flat surface to keep it firm and secure.
  • You won’t catch the dog if you leave the trap as it is, so you have to set up the trap with food as bait to the dog. You may use foods like a piece of meat to attract and lure the dog inside. You can also cover the trap with a cloth to make the dog feel comfortable upon entering it. The trap mechanism should also be free from any obstacles to ensure a smooth process while trapping the dog.
  • When you have successfully trapped the dog, you can contact a local veterinarian and have it checked-up. You can also inform your local animal control centre about it.

When trapping stray dogs, it is very important to consider their safety. You should not aim to trap and kill them, no matter how harmful they seem. Your goal should be to catch and keep them safe. Using a dog trap is one way of catching stray dogs without hurting them. Before buying one, know that it is essential to use a large, safe, strong, and sturdy trap.

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