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Eating Habits While Sticking To My Favorite Non-Vegetarian Food

Are you a meat lover who wants to move to healthier eating habits without having to quit your favorite beef steaks and chicken meals? Well, you are in the right place if you said yes! 

With all the things said about meat as to that they have high amounts of saturated fats in them and that they are unhealthy, you may think of cutting down on your meat consumption in order to have healthier meals. However, what if I say that meats can actually be healthy food choice for you? 

Well, you may think that I am crazy! You’ve got all the right to think that too! But trust me when I say this, meats can really help you adapt healthier eating habits, while also helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. 

All you have to do is make a small switch from the regular meats to grass fed meats! 

Yes, you read that right! Grass fed meats have amazing health characteristics. Let me discuss about them. 

Health Characteristics of Grass Fed Meats

  1. They have Rich Omega 3 Content

Grass fed meats have a very rich content of omega 3 fatty acids which are proven to help with all the body functions and keep you fit, active, and healthy. 

Meats like grass finished beef, grass fed lamb, etc., have very high content of omega 3 and consuming these meats, you can maintain the levels of this essential healthy fat in your body. 

2. They have Lower Amounts of Saturated Fats 

Grass fed meats have a much lower amount of saturated fats in them. The cattle and livestock are raised naturally. They are given enough moving ground. So, the fat does not accumulate in their bodies. This ensures that the amount of saturated and unhealthy fats remain low in the meats. 

With that, these meats have fewer calories and that goes a long way towards helping you maintain your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Also, when you consume fewer calories, you can maintain a healthier weight. 

3. They have a Richer Nutrient Content 

Grass fed meats have a very rich nutrient content. Although all meats are very rich in proteins, grass fed meats have up to 5times higher amounts of protein in comparison to the other meats. Additionally, they have very rich amounts of essential vitamins and minerals as well. 

With all these health characteristics, grass fed meats make up for a really healthy food choice. Moreover, their taste comes as a bonus.

They have a natural and earthy favor to them that you are going to love. 

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So, making the switch to grass fed meats and having some grass fed steaks in place of the regular ones and other grass fed meals will work great to help you keep healthier eating habits without compromising on your favorite meals.

So, take the step, make the switch, and enjoy having great meals with the goodness of health and fitness! 


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