Eight Reasons Why your Business Needs Digital Marketing Services in 2019 and Beyond

With the rapidly evolving consumers and their changing demands, the benefits of digital marketing services will heavily depend on digital marketing trends for 2019 and beyond. Digital marketing is using the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence to engage targeted audience etc. AI chatbots are enabling digital marketing service providers to reduce the cost of hiring human agents for customer services.

Digital marketing is also using Augmented Reality to enhance customer engagement and raise brand awareness. AI email bots are helping digital marketers to get a bigger number of happy and satisfied customers, ultimately benefitting the business. Here are the 8 reasons why your business needs digital marketing services in 2019 and beyond:

    • AI chatbots enhance customer engagement. They give a human touch to conversations. Digital marketers use AI chatbots to build a strong relationship between customers and sellers/ service providers.
    • AI chatbots collect data about customers without conducting formal surveys. For example, when a customer asks about Italian restaurants only, AI bots know that he/she would most likely opt for an online pizza delivery service. Data collected by AI chatbots are used by digital marketers to predict the purchase behaviour of customers.
    • AI chatbots reduce waiting time for customers. Customers place their queries to AI chatbots and get prompt replies. In addition, AI chatbots work 24*7. Digital marketers use AI chatbots to enhance customer satisfaction.
    • Surveys have proved that personalised email headings have higher open rates. AI email bots create emails with unique email headings, email content and graphics to engage email recipients in a one-to-one conversation. It is not possible to hire humans to personalise every single email. Hence, digital marketers use AI email bots to create personalised emails. It is a low-cost option than hiring humans.
    • Proper follow-up is essential for higher sales conversion rates. Digital marketers use AI email bots to send follow-up emails at an ideal cadence. Sales teams may lose prospects if they depend on humans to send follow-up emails. AI email bots resolve this problem.
    • AR is digital technology. It is used to overlay the desired information in video, image or text formats to the real world. Digital marketers are using the popularity of AR technology to engage customers. As survey results point at the fact that compared to dwelling time of 2.5 seconds on visual sources like television, the dwelling time of AR is 25 seconds, AR is an effective technology to define products/ services.
    • AR can add sensationalism to the branding efforts of a company. People search for new things. AR technology can captivate their attention, easily.
    • Social media channels like Facebook have moved beyond the definition of social networking platforms. Digital marketers are using Facebook to categorise customers on the basis of demographics. By default, it is easier to find targeted audience on Facebook. This is helping digital marketers to run successful marketing campaigns on Facebook.

Digital marketing services can help businesses win a competitive edge over their rivals. In 2019 and in the coming years, evolving services of digital marketing will bring the ultimate difference to marketing efforts.


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