Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Marine Electrical Wire Meets Demanding Standards

Manufacturing Marine Electrical Wire can be quite challenging. Not only does the wire have to be able to handle the electrical load placed on it, but it must do so under extreme environmental and construction conditions. Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) manufactures their Marine Electrical Wire to meet and exceed the conditions and applications it is placed in.

Step One Gather Materials

Lots of companies manufacture wire and cable all over the world. Here in the United States we prefer Made in the USA over any other manufacturing because we know it is going to be made to higher standards and specifications. The materials that go into the wire, copper, tin, and the even the sheathinginsulation/jacket are all of the highest quality and purity. That results in a product that doesn’t have nicks or cuts in the wire reducing its conductivity and a wire that can withstand the full electrical load it is designed to carry.

Step Two Build It Right

EWCS makes its Marine Electrical Wire fully-tinned for enhanced performance and longevity. There are 41 strands multiple strands of fully-tinned Type III copper wire which is UL approved for marine applications. Because there is a high number of individual strands, most people would think this wire is going to be difficult to install, however, the EWCS marine wire is highly-flexible making it much easier to install and maintain than most competitive products.

Step Three Offer Variations

There are several different gauges of Marine Electrical Wire available from EWCS:

  • 16 AWG
  • 14 AWG
  • 12 AWG
  • 10 AWG
  •  8 AWG
  • 6 AWG
  • 4 AWG
  • 2 AWG
  • 1/0 AWG
  • 2/0 AWG

Each size of cable is UL, CSA approved and approved by USCG.

Step Four Go Above and Beyond

All of the electrical wire produced by EWCS has some common features. All of the wire is resistant to oils, acids, alkali, abrasives, gasoline and, of course, moisture. Wire is available in red or black or yellow sheathing jackets and available in short lengths or wire spools. Most sizes can handle a 600 Volt capacity.

Step Five Finish the Deal

Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists is a full-line electrical product manufacturer and as such, they also offer all of the necessary components to finish the job. They provide all of the marine grade heavy duty tinned copper compression lugs, adhesive lined heat shrink sheathing, and all the other accessories you need to do the job professionally. Best of all, EWCS sells factory-direct to their customers, saving money and time. No middleman markup to increase prices, just straight forward cost-saving prices that make a job much more affordable.

Step Six Make Customer Service Priority One

EWCS offers even more than the products they manufacture. They also have seven service centers stationed across America to insure customers get their products delivered right away. Free Two dayMost orders delivered in 2 – 4 days shipping on all orders means customers get what they want when they want it without delays or excuses.

Step By Step EWCS Makes the Most Sense

Put all the pieces together and the puzzle becomes quite clear. When a company says it offers the best products, customer service and attention to detail there is always a worry that it is simply a marketing ploy. But with Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists, they let their customers do the talking and when they do, they receive the highest ratings. All the claims in the world aren’t going to matter if customers don’t back you up and EWCS customers back them up with consistent 5-star ratings. Go to www.ewcswire.com and discover for yourself what our customers say about our company, products, and service.

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