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IVR Outsourcing Services: Many technologies in their initial stages do not make the desired impact. And, many companies avoid them thinking they are a waste of their time and money. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is one such tech that did not make the waves expected from it in its earlier stages. But after a hard grind and years of development, we are at the cusp of IVR renaissance. If you haven’t started utilizing IVR for business benefits, then it is time to employ imaginative IVR outsourcing services.

Unlocking the Advantages of IVR

An IVR can be put to good use in a number of business use cases:

Call center | IVR Outsourcing Services

IVR has remained a constant feature in the call center universe for a long time. Initially, it was solely used for providing an option to the customers to select the desired department for call transfer. But now, with better voice recognition and AI integration, it can be utilized for taking inputs from users. For example, customers can disclose the account details to an automated IVR system and get his/her banking queries processed without any direct agent involvement. Also, the customers can use many self-service options to acquire the desired information or complete a task.

Routing of calls in an office environment

In an office, an IVR can perform the task of call routing with great efficiency. The expenditure on a real-life assistant or receptionist can be immediately eliminated with the use of IVR outsourcing services.

IVRs for spreading messages and creating awareness

Even in outbound calling scenarios, IVR can become an integral part of the process. People can be called via an IVR system for creating awareness about a new project or spreading information about a social cause.

Appoint confirmation with IVR

Confirming appointments is a simple task and spending too much money on it is definitely not justified. With specialist IVR outsourcing services as your partner, you can systematically create an automated process for confirming appointments.

IVR Outsourcing Services: A Remedy for Clearing Queues

Inbound call centers are the most heavily used departments in the customer care domain. Generally, when you call up support, you would have to wait for some time in queue before you can get hold of a living and breathing person on the other end. And, there are many call centers that always remain fully clogged up due to a lack of scalability because of one reason or another. For such call centers, IVR services provide the best way to clear up queues. Some of the unique features of innovative IVR outsourcing services are:

  1. Functionality to allow customers to input username and password
  2. Cutting-edge voice recognition technology
  3. Automatic distribution of calls for outbound processes
  4. Voice blasting services for reaching out to a large number of customers instantly
  5. Customizability of menu options and IVR messages

At Callcentersindia, we specialize in conceptualizing and designing the perfect IVR systems for continuous business growth.

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Apart from that, we also offer 360-degree inbound, outbound, chat, email and social media support services. We are experts in lead generation, tech support, customer care and a world leader in back office support services like data entry and data mining. Our call center operation is functional round-the-clock and throughout the year.

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