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How do we identify emergency vehicles? It is usually from the sights and sounds. We hear the sirens and see the flashing lights and instantly know that there is a situation or incident and emergency, rescue or police are trying to get to the scene and get there fast.

Most of these vehicles are equipped with emergency LED light bars that are bright and noticeable, and you can equip your vehicles with the high quality LED lights from Ultra Bright Lightz.

Emergency lights come in all sizes and various forms. Some lights for emergency vehicles are grill lights that can be mounted and increase the brightness and visibility of these vehicles. Others are alert lights, the ones we commonly see flashing red and blue that are mounted on the roof of a vehicle. These light bars can come in single color and dual color options.

Obviously, we see lights like these on a daily basis. But have you ever wondered how they work and why LED lights are the best options for these vehicles?

LED stands for light-emitting diode and has become very popular in recent years because of how energy efficient they are. The lights use electroluminescence to create light. In this process, the light is emitted from an electric current that is applied. In LED lights, the electrical current passes through a microchip, serving as a semiconductor. The combination allows electrons to recombine with electron holes as a result of the electrical current, releasing photons that serve as the electroluminescence.

The color of the lights is dependent on the material of the semiconductor. For example, red and infrared lights are made from a material called gallium arsenide, while blue LEDs are the product of gallium nitride.

Emergency LED light bars are rectangular and come in varying lengths, including 37-inch, 40-inch, 48-inch, 55-inch, 60-inch, and 63-inch. Light bars can also have different flash patterns for different types of alerts.

The two main reasons emergency vehicles use LED lights is the extra illumination and the role they play in helping to direct traffic or get the attention of other vehicles. This is especially true for vehicles that need to go off-road or into dark areas where light is especially needed. This also works for areas where roadwork is being completed, and the LED lights can provide extra illumination for safe lighting in the area.

Of course, we most commonly associate LED lighting on vehicles with traffic. Police cars, rescue vehicles, tow trucks, and construction vehicles can all use LED lighting to catch the eye of other drivers as they travel to a situation or attend to an incident at the side of the road.
Emergency LED light bars can be very important to keeping the roadways safe, which is why you want to get the best if you need a light bar for your emergency vehicle. At Ultra Bright Lightz, you will get the best products from a dedicated team with the goal of providing this important lighting at the highest quality and the lowest price. Founded in 2006, Ultra Bright Lightz wants to make it easy for you to find the products you are looking for and give the service that showcases the lighting experts that they are.

If you have any questions about the products they offer, need help finding something, or have a concern or issue with a product, contact the customer service team by calling 888-562-5125 or send an email to and they will be happy to assist.

With thousands of items and products in stock, your vehicles can be equipped with the best emergency lights you will find on the market.

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