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If you love soft, tender meat, you know that sometimes the meat can be tough when you buy it. You may need to take some special actions to ensure the meat is soft in the mouth.

Now you can enjoy tender meat any time with our needle tenderizer. The needle is comprised of the highest quality stainless steel, which will not rust, resists corrosion, and will last for years.

It has 21 needles that are set up in a neat manner. The needles are very sharp and it is convenient and smooth to use. The needles are long and easy to use and penetrate deeply into the meat. To use it correctly, you should leave the meat out of the refrigerator for an hour or so to soften. Next, you use our needle tenderizer to soften the meat. Penetrate the meat with the needles as deeply as you can for the full length of the meat. Once you have tenderized the meat, you can add seasoning. After the needling, the seasoning will penetrate deeper into the meat.

When you are not using it, there is a protective cover on the needles so there is no scratching. Also, to deal with the problem of tough tendons making the meat hard to chew, use our needle tenderizer but do not use a meat hammer as it can damage the flavor. Shorten the time on the grill so the meat is super tender.

Our tenderizer has a large ABS handle with a comfortable design so it is easy to hold in the hand.

If you need to move heavy goods around the home or when you move, you should consider our heavy furniture moving tool. It is made from tough A3 triangular iron with a maximum load of 800 pounds. This device will move anything you need to move long distances with no problem It is perfect to move large furniture and heavy machines, such as a front load washer.

Note that the ABS pulley has the strong bearing capacity and it has nine pulleys under the single triangle wheel, which are flexible and strong. The handle is made to be ergonomic to boost the friction force and make it even, saving you time and effort. The rubber pad set on the triangle iron features a non-slip design so nothing will fall off during transportation. Even if you do not have a lot of strength, you will be able to easily push 800 pounds with this device.

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