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Weddings are life-changing and perhaps the most significant event of everyone’s life. Thus its planning becomes a crucial and colossal task. This journey requires a lot of work, from designing a budget to deciding the wedding venue in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Essential Factors to consider while deciding the wedding venue

In order to avoid any hassles, you need to plan for the wedding very carefully. The following things can be kept in mind while deciding the site-

  1. Budget- Money management is essential to wedding planning. Marriage is a significant expense. Therefore you need to have proper budget planning while deciding the wedding venue. It is vital that you sketch out what you can afford and what you cannot. If you have selected a venue, but it doesn’t fit your budget, it will be a waste of time and energy for you. So do figure out your budget carefully to make the wedding budget-friendly.
  2. Start early- A careful planning of the wedding venue requires that you start looking for the location early, approximately 8-9 months before the wedding nuptials. This is because the wedding season comes for everyone. All the people start looking for venues at the same time. This is the reason; it’s better that you start looking for places as soon as possible in order to get the location of your choice before the place gets booked away by someone else! Do check for the availability of the location you select for the number of days you require the place for your functions. 
  3. Know the kinds- The type of location also becomes important here. Whether you are looking for a destination wedding or a normal one, in both cases, you need to decide whether you want a historical place or outdoor space, indoor space, a hotel, or anything else of your choice.
  4. Catering- Catering is also an important part of selecting a wedding venue. If the venue provides an in house catering service, then you are sorted and good to go. But in case it doesn’t, you have to look for caterers as well. Then you also have to decide whether it will be a buffet system or serving the full course meal. Everything is up to you, but do check the catering for the venue.
  5. Connectivity- While selecting a venue, you also need to look for the convenience of transportation for the guests. It’s better if the place is at a central and accessible location or some other mode of transportation is available easily as well as at an affordable cost.

Some more tips

  1. You also need to look for the rates of the places you have selected sort out for the best one.
  2. It is also advisable to check for the capacity of the place or venue, i.e., look for the space or the number of people it can accommodate, whether it can fit your guest list. Most of the time, a wedding is a large gathering. So look for a spacious venue that can easily accommodate a big crowd.
  3. You should also check the restrictions the venue has regarding the parking area, music timings, bar or drinking space (if you are planning it), DJ timings, etc.
  4. These days where almost everyone has their own mode of transportation, parking becomes an essential factor while choosing the wedding venue. Do ensure there is enough parking available to accommodate everyone.
  5. Lastly, do keep a backup if some last something unavoidable occurs to the venue at the final hour, like bad weather. Though it is a rare case, do look for alternative plans.


Finding a wedding venue in Lafayette, Louisiana, can be a time consuming and stressful task. Though if you take the above things into consideration, it can become a little sorted and will suit your wedding requirements. So go ahead and plan your wedding in the best possible way and congratulations!

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