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According to data of the American Pet Association, 44% of the American households have a dog and 35% have a cat. But what matters here is, most of them have claimed that they are not able to take care of their pets in a proper way and they end up sending their pets into the shelter. According to the data of an organization named The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, There are 3.3 millions of Dogs and 3.2 millions of the cats enter into animal shelters in the US annually. This number shows us the failure of the pet owners. In this chaotic lifestyle where people cannot even look after themselves in a good way, taking care of pets is beyond the bounds of possibility.

However, few tiny mobile apps offer pet owners very unchallenging ways to look after their pets. One can look after from health to food habit of his pet through the app. Because of the problem-solving capability of the pet apps, they are being accepted by the pet owners like never before. A leading marketing company named Packaged Facts have estimated that pet apps will be the leading business category by the end of 2020. In fact, Many Pet apps like Chewy, have started to make their appearance in top 30 or top 50 apps of the apple store.

Now, let’s check out a few apps specially designed and developed for the pet owners to simplify the ways to take care of pets.

1) 11 Pets     

If you are a person, wanting to track and store the details of medical, foods, bathing, and grooming of the pets in a single place, then 11 pets app deserves a few MB in your phone. 11 Pets app lets you to add all details of your pet in the app to simplify the ownership and caring of the pets. Through one place, you can check health, food and grooming details of your pet. This app is having extreme use when you own more than one pets. With this app, you can store those details of each pet in an app which you can not store on a paper.

Features of the 11 Pets   

11 pets app has more than 50 features. These features are distributed in major three categories, remember, monitor and care.

  • 11 pets app sends you an everyday reminder to make sure you will not miss any aspect of the care. You can add a manual reminder of your choice. Also, there is a 50 predefined reminder you can set. These predefined reminders contain food reminder, medication reminder, bathing reminder, and grooming reminder.
  • Apart from this, 11 pets app lets pet owners monitor all medical data of their pets. This data includes pet wight, pet allergies, pet lab tests, medical incident and lab document.
  • Additionally, with the app, pet owners can track the food supply of the dog. The owners can also find the nearby doctors of their pets.

11 Pet app has the 1765 reviews on the PlayStore as of April 2019 with overall 4.5 rating stars.  

2) Tracking GPS Dog and Cat Finder

If you are always living in the fear that your pet is running away, then this is the best app for you. Before we go further, let me tell you a very important thing about this app. This app only works with the Tractive GPS devices. So, you first need to buy a GPS tracking product. It is the small belt, can easily fit around the neck of your pets. After that, you install the app and pair it with the GPS belt. Now, you are good to go. You can check the real-time location of your dog through the mobile app. Not only location, but you can set the safe zone and whenever your cat or dog leaves that safe zone, you will get notified in the app. Additionally, you can check the location history of your pets with just a single click.

This app has the 8784 reviews as of April 2019 with overall 4.5 rating stars.   

3) PetBacker

If you are not getting time for taking your dog out for a walk or for its grooming, then this app is for you. PetBacker is the app which connects loving walkers, sitters, and groomers with the pet owners.

The basic concept of the app is very simple. As a pet owner, you need to ask for a service you want for your pet in the app and select any one profile who is satisfying your service in your budget. That person comes to your place and serves the service you have chosen for your pet. In the return, you need to pay him.

Features of the PetBacker

  • Actually Pet owner can find all nearby sitter, walker, and groomer in a single click.
  • Pet owner can compare and sees the review of the all pet sitters, walkers, and groomers to select the best out of hundreds.
  • And the Pet owner has to do the payment in the advance. That payment goes to PetBacker. Once the service provider completes the service, PetBacker release the payment. This is how transparency can maintain.

As of April 2019, App has 771 reviews with an overall rating of 4.3 stars.

4) Dogo – Dog’s training app

To train a dog is the major problem a pet owner faces. An untrained dog creates so much nuisance in the life of the pet owner and brings him to the limit where he gets frustrated with the dog and sends the dog back into the animal shelter. However, With the app like Dogo, a dog owner can train a dog with minimal effort.

Features of the app

  • Dogo app is so content- riched that it has more than 70 training lessons with cool tricks.
  • Pet owner can track the training of your dog in the app.
  • Connecting with the training expert is just one click away from the app.
  • You can set a daily reminder of the training, so you won’t miss any day of training.
  • App has 70 different sounds which help the dog to understand the order of owner.
  • An owner can create the dog’s profile with customization options available.

This app has the 28994 reviews as of April 2019 with an overall rating of 4.9 stars.

5) Dog Parker | Reviews

Imagine you visit a grocery store with your dog. But they are not allowing you to enter in with your dog. Now, you only have two option. Either leave the dog outside of the store or just go back home and come alone again. To solve this problem, a New-York based startup has come with a unique idea in October 2016. They have made many small houses for the dogs and placed outside of all popular stores of New-York city. They have increased the operational areas and currently serving in all over the USA.

How does it work?

Dog owners have to sign up in the app. Then, they can see all the Dog houses nearby. By just a few clicks on the app, the user can book one house for his dog. All dog houses have the internet and cameras which let users to see the live footage of their dogs through the app.

Features of the app

  • Once the house is booked, the user can lock or unlock the house through the app.
  • A user can book one dog house in advance.
  • A user can see the live footage of his dog through the app.
  • Payment option is so simple. The app allows the user to pay from different mobile wallets.

Final words – Digitized Pet Caring

After putting these apps into practice, none of the pet owners will say that taking care of the pets is the tough business. From monitoring the health to the finding the pet services and outdoor pet houses, all activity a pet owner can do on his fingertip, thanks to few companies who understand the everyday problems of the pet owners and offer them the digital solution. Pet owners are so happy with the digital solution that after seeing potential, so many more companies are jumping into the online pet industry. After writing this blog and after the mammoth research, I feel safe to say that after humans, pets are the only living breed who gets affected by the digital revolution!

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