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Everything about LTR magazine | LTR magazine is an Online Marketing Company founded by an Engineer – Murari Sharma, in 2016. This Organization handles website designing, SEO, SMO, Logo designing, Digital marketing and other works based on digital promotions. The blog of LTR magazine is – Reviews by LTR where team of LTR post “tech reviews” of latest technology & trends. If you want to join LTR magazine, you have a good opportunity to become their guest. It is because “Guest blogging on LTR magazine is free” and any one can do that. Everything about LTR magazine

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Mission of LTR magazine


[mks_one_third]Short Term: Get into the list of tech Review Websites- tech crunch, Cnet, The Verge, Wire, TechRadar, and other.  [/mks_one_third]

[mks_one_third]Long Term: to let our reader write their own tech Reviews about latest technology & trends. Our long term mission is to become a platform where people can read & write reviews of newest Gadgets and their technology.

  • Website for free Guest Blogging and Digital Marketing
  • Competitive website for tech Reviews & Blogging
  • A source of genuine reviews by people itself
  • Contact Us, we are happy to be contacted :D.


[mks_one_third]Technology : It has never ending list and if you thing Artificial Intelligence would be the next biggest technology then wait for some time. And you will be amazed by some other technology that could beat AI. This is the reason for choosing a niche like “latest technology and their reviews”.

Writing Reviews about technology and trends gives us immense joy and we see people also enjoy it. So lets make a better platform where anyone can write tech Reviews about technology for free. [/mks_one_third]


[mks_highlight color=”#dd3333″]We offer Free Guest blogging for SEO & digital marketing purpose, free free to contact us@[/mks_highlight]

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So this is “Everything about LTR magazine” and if you want to know more about their blog or marketing tricks, feel free to visit- Facebook page.

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