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Those small shiny pink berries full of nutrients and flavors are the seasonal fruits. However, you can enjoy the taste all through the year, thanks to the Productos Vegetarianos Mexico. You can purchase them in a bulk and store them in your pantry for a longer time. The dried cranberries have a longer shelf life but you need to follow the right way to store them otherwise it will spoil with time. This must be the last thing, you want to do with your cranberries.

So, here we will discuss the right way to store the dried cranberries to enjoy a longer shelf life.

How to store a packed dried cranberry?

If you buy lots of packets from Proveedor De Arándano Deshidratado and want to know the best way to store them without spoiling, then you must know that the storage condition must be dry and cool. If it is not opened, then you can store the packet in the pantry for up to 6 months.

In case, the weather of the place is humid, then it is better to avoid the pantry as it may invite the fungi attack. Otherwise, it has been seen that dried cranberry can be stored in the normal room temperature for up to 12 months. Make sure the packet is completely sealed and there is no scope of puffing.

Once Snacks Saludables you open the packet, you have to make sure that the storing process is very good. After opening, you have to replace the cranberries into an airtight container or sealed bag. It is the best way of storing for the humid weather also. You have to make sure that the temperature of the freezer is at 0° temperature to keep the things safe.

Best Steps To Store the Dried Cranberries In Refrigerator:

  • Take a heavy-duty zip-lock plastic bag and emptied the packet into this.
  • With a permanent marker, write down the date of storing. You can also write the necessary information printed on the packet.
  • Now keep it in an airtight container and seal well.
  • You can store the cranberries either in the refrigerator or in the freezer.
  • If you live in a dry area, you can also keep the packet in the pantry but make sure you will use the packet within 6 months.

Before using the dried cranberry, always check it by the smell to get the freshness.


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