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Many industry experts believe 2020 as the year of 5G, and for good reasons too. Therough edges around the 5G technology are all but sorted out and we are looking at great prospects for both customers and telecom operators. However, in order to maximize the profits, telecom software solutions are needed.

5G:A Great Challenge for Telecom Operators

Inits best avatar, 5G is a boon for the industry. But it has a vast scope and new features, which makes it quite a challenge to handle. 5G network slicing is one of the most revolutionary techs that allow for the creation of multiple autonomous networks on a single physical 5G network.

Network slicing can serve requests from different applications, which provides unforeseen opportunities for telcos. They can develop completely dedicated virtual networks that perfectly fit a variety of use cases. However, network slicing is a revolutionary technology and it would be implemented with cutting-edge technologies like Network Function Utilization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN). So, from a telecom operator’s point of view, it would require both vertical and horizontal augmentations in the current OSS software telecom, BSS and telecom billing systems.

Simplifying5G Deployment with a Telecom Billing Specialist

telecom billing specialist that also has expertise in OSS/BSS can be a great asset for your business. It can help you access new functionalities and at the same time manage vendor partnerships via APIs. At this time, 5G and IoT are two of the most promising technologies. And, with the rise of these technologies, we are expected to see more and more changes in other aspects of telecom operations. So, you cannot choose a telecom billing specialist simply based on its value today. You need a telecom expert that can alter its platform accordingly, and allow you to compete with other players in the market. Below are some essential requirements from such a vendor:

Backward compatibility of telecom software solutions

As there will be frequent changes and amendments to the telecom software solutions, you should be able to use your existing platform with the new modules. Therefore, you need a vendor who ensures backward compatibility at every step of development.

Readily available APIs

application program Interface (API) allow for the integration of new features, databases and vendor partnerships. The APIs do not require for wholesale alterations to the existing software. Hence, there is no extensive software customization cost involved, which ultimately helps reduce the expense of telecom operators.

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