External storage: the best OTG memories for the smartphone or tablet, these are the available alternatives

When we want to exchange files and documents between different computers, the most usual thing is to do it through a USB memory. The files of a computer are copied to this memory and then the USB is inserted in the computer to which they want to transfer. This works very well with computers with Windows operating system, but what do we do with tablets or smartphones with Android ? For these cases we have available OTG memories that help improve the external storage of the smartphone or tablet .

The transfer of data through USB memories is used especially when the computers are not in the same local network, where you could share a folder between them that would be a very simple option to not have to be copying and pasting the files, since that by having the files in this shared location, they would be available to any computer that had permissions within the local network.

What are OTG memories?

The USB OTG or USB host is an extension of the USB 2.0 standard , thanks to which we have more flexibility in managing the USB connection. A USB connection works with a master and slave architecture, that is, one device commands another. We connect a memory to the computer, and it will be the one that sends or can execute certain commands in the memory. If what we connect in a telephone, the same thing happens, the smartphone occupies the role of slave.

The OTG extension allows connected USB devices to negotiate who is in charge . In this way, the tablet that was connected to the computer was slave, can adopt the role of teacher if a memory is connected to the tablet . This allows that when connecting the USB memory behaves as it happens in a computer, being able to read the storage and manage it as a unit more, to copy or transfer data in a comfortable way for ssd failure.

Why do I want an OTG memory if I have an SD card?

Lenovo yoga tablet 2 use SD

The question that may arise is that we want a memory compatible with OTG if I already have an SD card that I can take out and connect to the computer to transfer the contents. The truth is that both in the case of smartphones and tablets, the microSD card needs an adapter to read the content in a card reader that is not always available.

On the other hand, we can also connect the phone or tablet through the USB connection to the computer , but we do not always have a cable at hand. It is in these cases where having a USB stick compatible with OTG can help us better manage the storage of our devices. It can even be a good option to improve the storage space of them, especially in the case of not having this SD card.

In addition, the same storage device can be used interchangeably in a smartphone, a tablet , etc., so that if we have several mobile devices in our house, we can take this storage wherever we need it easily, just by plugging it into the tablet or the smartphone that we want.

Types of OTG memories

Therefore, since we have to acquire a new USB memory, it is ideal to be compatible with OTG to be more versatile when using it.

We have two options at the time of use. On the one hand, there are traditional memories, with standard USB connection, which will need an OTG cable to connect to the tablet or smartphone . This cable has a microUSB connection that connects to the mobile device and on the other side a USB female where the memory would be inserted.

The other alternative we have is a USB memory with two connections, standard USB on one side and microUSB on the other. This type of memories are the most versatile, since we do not need anything else to be able to use them in tablets and laptops. An example is the Kingston microDuo of reduced size very small , so it will not hinder the use of the tablet or smartphone while they are connected to it. They can be found with USB 2.0, 3.0 and C type connections, so they will be adapted to all types of smartphones and tablets and computers.

Anyway if we do not like so small memories, we have other models like the Transcend JetFlash of a larger size , something more functional in a computer, but that will be more uncomfortable in a smartphone. In some cases they have a specific app that can be installed to help manage storage or make backup copies, although we must ensure that it is compatible with the Android version of our devices.


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