Fantastic Manufacturing Companies and Where to Find Them

Manufacturing developments and techniques have never been a hotter subject than it is in 2019. We’re at the precipice of the next great Age of Manufacturing with the new Industrial Revolution already under way!

The world is very different today – mobile communication has changed the way we communicate, ecommerce has changed the way we shop and the internet has created an on-demand economy with the likes of Uber changing the way we travel and Airbnb changing the face of accommodation. The world will simply never be the same again.

Electronics and manufacturing technology have paved the way for most of these innovations and in many ways, China has been at the forefront of this wave. The rise of Electronic Manufacturing Companies in China is no longer a ‘trend’, it’s a global reality thanks to globalization and their operational and technological brilliance. We’ve never had more options, better quality and more accessibility than we do today!

Meanwhile, this effect is also being felt in the luxury products space. As technology improves, raw materials become cheaper and the ‘world gets smaller’, the idea of ‘affordable luxury’ has also become more real. Innovators and entrepreneurs the world over have been empowered to express themselves through innovation and this has given rise to a massive and still growing emphasis onLuxury Manufacturing Companies in China. There is a growing appreciation that China isn’t ‘cheap’ anymore, China is however, a manufacturing hub where you can make what you want and how you want it, as long as you keep a firm eye on quality control.

A lot of this increased emphasis on manufacturing in China stems from the demand generated by the success of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Gone are the days when it was ‘an option’. Kickstarter Manufacturing in China is now ‘THE way’. No doubt there are some pros and cons with manufacturing in China but that’s true for any alternative and on the balance of it, the pendulum swings squarely in favour of China. The cost benefits, expertise and versatility is near impossible to beat.

There’s been talk of a decline in the watch industry ever since smart phones came into existence. Instead, we have seen increased buzz for smartwatches with added features and a lot more attention on the wrist – which is great news for watch brands of every type. Meanwhile, after a small slump in 2016-17, the Swiss watch industry (which is a good indicator for global industry health) is now going through a full recovery and exports have been steadily on the rise. Independent watch manufacturing has never been more doable than it is today, even if you’re not a ‘Master of Manufacturing’ or precision watch production. But you do need help, especially with all the variety the market has come to expect when they begin their sales journey on buying a quality watch – after all, it’s also a key accessory since it says so much about their fashion quotient! MorphoMFG isn’t just a vendor. It’s your consultant, support system, vendor and partner all rolled into one and one of the leading Watch Manufacturing Companies in China.


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