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While we have seen boyfriend jeans and metallic shimmers oozing the waves into the fashion industry this year, it’s time we go into a little more detail. Fashion EssentialsFashion is not just about clothing, it is about wearing things that represent you best. Whether it’s clothes or accessories, your fashion statement should act as your mirror to people around you.

Every year, fashion comes with new additions. So, here we are already glimpsing you about what you can’t avoid in the coming year. 

The monochromes 

Monochromes will never go out of fashion and that’s why it is loved by all. You always have a monochrome outfit that you love or the one that you never wear, there’s never anything in between. But you know what’s special about monochromes? You can wear them anytime, anywhere. Going to a party? Wear a red hot monochromatic mini dress. Out on a picnic? Grab a chic monochrome outfit. Want to go on a business trip? Wear monochrome trousers and a t-shirt, and add some jewelry. This is it. You can wear them with the darker or lighter shade of the very same color and you are all ready for the day. 

Vibrant colors 

While Pride month just passed by, we are not anyways getting enough of the vibrant colors. Fashion is all about adding exceptional colors to your wardrobe, whether it’s in the form of a dress or shoes. You can carry the neon shades and vibrant shoes to your next year’s fashion list. Colorful shoes definitely add a little fun to your outfit and that’s why they will never fade from fashion. If you are wearing an all-white outfit, you can definitely try a pair of yellow heels or purple sneakers; jeans and a casual tee can go with an orange neon shoe; a basic tank top can go with red boots. The list is endless, you just have to choose what suits you best. 

Pastel additions 

The fashion trend that was liked this year and will continue to blend hearts is the pastel shades. The pastel colors such as lavender, mauve, baby blue, magic mint, periwinkle, and everything that feels soothing are assumed to be trendsetters in the coming year. You can choose soothing jackets, pastel-colored trousers, and light-shaded camisoles for your office attire. And who said we can’t carry pastel to parties? With a little glitter, a pastel-colored dress will already turn heads for you. 

Signature bags 

Just like toppings are important to pizza, bags are important to outfits. No outfit is complete without a bag, I said what I said. Yes, you have to carry a signature bag if you want to look a bit more fashionable than others. If you have been using black or brown shades, leave them for a while. Try yellow or blue or any different color than you usually carry. You can have a clutch, tote, sling bag, or a baguette, just know the color that goes with your outfit. 


From the timeless beauties to the Gen Z actors, no woman has declined the fashion for scarves. You just can’t name one reason why you would lose a scarf. Why not have jewelry or additional fashion items on your daily list which can protect your head, keep your hair aligned, and also add a pinch of class to your outfit. If you don’t know what hairstyle to try today, just tie your hair and put on a nice scarf. Also, you can use the scarf as a hairband, a hand band, and much more. Scarfs are the true epitome of multi-purpose items. Don’t forget to add them to your wardrobe!

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