Fashion to Education: Deep Learning is Everywhere!

The demand for Deep Learning online courses is gaining massive traction from the industry by virtue of their contribution to various verticals in the industry.

Fueled by huge investments into analytics, deep learning and Big Data reporting, enterprises are readying their IT infrastructure to move into the next phase of Digital Transformation. In 2018, there were many key machine learning experiments and research by tech giants and start-ups that built super-powerful algorithms to make IoT, Automated Contact Centers, and Cloud databases more mainstream.

Here are some interesting areas in the modern world that leverage Deep Learning techniques.

Reverse Image Search capabilities are developed with the help of AI and Deep Learning technologies. Image discovery is a cool facet of Big Data application to find visual data accurately. In the world where 100 GB of visual data in the form of photos, videos and live messaging are added every day, businesses are trying to decipher and analyze what’s the hidden information in these data.

Automated colorization process of old black and white photographs leverages high-quality and very complex neural network. This process is based on deep neural network procedure, called Computational Photography. It is done to measure the Red Green and Blue pixel distribution. The prediction of color distributions at each pixel accurately replaces the original grayscale pixels.

Valuable information on events are pooled from the massive amount of social media posts and sharing.  Big Data algorithms running on Deep Learning techniques could solve numerous on-going and future events, like financial stagnation, global water crisis, environmental pollution, and political turn-around. Based on complex mathematical Deep Learning methods built on historical data, these event detection technologies can accurately predict the crisis and major catastrophes, in addition to also suggesting rapid response measures.

  • Deep Learning Data Research (EdTech)

Education Technology (EdTech) is a very powerful industry landscape developing from the pillars of AI, machine learning and Deep Learning. EdTech is using a large set of education data from software, e-learning, and social media channels to improve how information is analyzed for education and research.

Key concepts in the education technology are:

  • Data mining
  • Student performance analytics
  • Career planning and development
  • Customized education programs based on student personality and IQ

Deep learning data research also enables institutions to create an optimal learning environment for students to reduce drop-out rates at schools and colleges.

  • The World of Fashion and Deep Learning

Last year, world’s forward-thinking fabric manufacturing group, Raymond, introduced its virtual mirror concept to deliver real-time customer experience to buyers. In 2019, the company partnered with an AI-based deep learning sales technology platform to improve its channel sales and partnership model with retailers. These steps are expected to reduce inventory loss without compromising on the service quality to customers across various buying channels.

As the demand for AI bots, and sales automation increase worldwide, the Deep Learning online courses could be seen as the key talent churners for global and local industries.

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