Few Basic Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

Few Basic Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

Getting E Visa for Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan started electronic visas for citizens of 81 countries in January 2017.  This innovative e-Visa system simplifies travel to Azerbaijan by eliminating the Azerbaijan visa requirements to contact your country’s embassy. The system, dubbed ASAN Visa, grants single-entry visas valid for a maximum of 30 days. 

These are required documents to apply for Azerbaijan online visa

  • Passport Page Final (if applicable)
  • Scan of personal information from a passport
  • Payment verification requires a selfie with the actual credit card used in the transaction. The credit card’s last four digits can only be seen in the picture. Each order requires a single image. sometimes it’s appropriate

Azerbaijan Visa All Document Requirements

  1. An invitation letter from the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry (valid for one month). Invitations are handled by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department.
  2. Applicant’s Passport or another travel document (validity should be at least three months longer than planned visa, passport should include at least one unused page for e-visa Azerbaijan access) and copies of main pages
  3. Two-color photos (3x4cm, white background) for biometric identification
  4. HIV test certificate (from any competent hospital, in English, for one month). The Embassy has authorized no hospital. The certificate should cover the visa’s validity period.
  5. A copy of your ticket
  6. A copy of your medical insurance
  7. Payment receipt for state duty for visa issuance
  8. Application made by a party inviting a foreigner or a stateless person to Azerbaijan and authorized by an administrative authority
  9. Invitation proof (purpose, length, entrance type (single, multiple or transit), applicant’s permanent and dwelling addresses in Azerbaijan)
  10. To obtain a visa, foreigners and stateless persons under 18 must present a notarized copy of their birth certificate, parental or legal representative consent, and copies of their identification documents.

Instructional Points for Getting Azerbaijan Visa

Once issued, the eVisa Azerbaijan is valid for 90 days and must be used. In total, the Azerbaijan visa allows for a stay of up to 30 days and allows for only one entry. It would be best if you exited the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan using the e-Visa that you used to enter the country. When using an average passport, be sure that the validity period is at least three months beyond the scheduled date of authorization or issue of the e-visa Azerbaijan.

The electronic visa is not registered in your passport and should be shown along with your passport at entry into the United States from another country. It is no longer valid if the electronic visa is not utilized within the period stipulated in the document. If you do not intend to travel outside of the international transit zone, you do not require a visa to enter.


The country of Azerbaijan, also known as the “Land of Fire,” is the place to visit. Its magnificent Islamic architecture, as well as the enchanting Caspian Sea, have earned it a place among the best destinations for travelers from all over the world. Getting a Azerbaijan e-visa doesn’t require much effort. All instructions and requirements are mentioned above.  


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